Dying mouse?

The other night I was playing TF2 and my mouse kept cutting out on me. I kept hearing the “Buh-doop” Windows plays when you pull out a USB connector.

Because of how my computer is situated, I have my mouse on a USB extension cord, then plugged into a powered hub. Over the months, the long cord has apparently gotten tangled up in the rat’s nest of cables behind my PC.

So I figured in the fast and frantic world of TF2, I was yanking on a tangled cord and pulling one of the three connections out. I took some time, organized my cables, and made particularly sure that my mouse cord was footloose and fancy free.

Today while going through the forums here, the mouse cut out a couple of times, again with the “Buh-doop” of a USB connection being pulled out. My USB hub cost about $5 at Staples, and the USB extension cord was a freebie from Nintendo Power, so I figured one of those was probably the culprit.

I went out and bought a new USB hub with its own USB extension cord, but this one is unpowered. Hooked it all up, and sat down to do email and such, and the mouse just cut out on me again.

Since this one is unpowered, is it that there’s too much USB cord from the PC to the optical mouse, or is my mouse fucked?

Its not out of the relm of possiblity that the mouse is indeed fucked.

Its not out of the relm of possiblity that the mouse is indeed fucked.

It sounds like one of the wires have broken on the inside of the cable. I’ve had that happen to me before.


I’ve had several Intellimouses die after a couple of years of use. Almost exactly the symptoms you described.

Oh, that legendary MS reliability.


The mouse was fucked. I pulled on the wire too hard and it was losing contact as I moved the mouse around.

So I am now the proud owner of an MX518 Logitech Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse.

Is Gaming-Grade like AAA?

Your trouble shooting bill is in the mail, cash only please.