Dynamic ip notification

i have been using windows remote desktop to log into my home computer from work. but my internet connection at home is verizon dsl, so from time to time the ip address changes. do you guys know of any little program that can monitor this on my home pc, and e-mail the new ip address to me?

I have been using the free services at www.dyndns.com for this same purpose.

You set up a free hostname (i.e. mycomputer.dyndns.com) that you can connect to outside of your house and on your home computer run a little updater program that sends your current ip back to dyndns so that the hostname you setup always resolves to your home computer.

Nice solution, sjhunn!

perfect, sjhunn. thanks! that totally solved my problem, and now i don’t have to remember an ip address.

Also, your wireless router (or wired router if you are old school) might have the ability to update dyndns for you when your IP changes so that you don’t have to even run anything on your PC. I know my linksys theoretically supports this though I’ve never tried it.