Dynasty Tactics by KOEI

I did not realize the difficulty was ramped up with each one. I started with Liu Bei and it has been fairly difficult. I have done a couple of restarts. Not many gimme battles so far.

Mayhaps I should start a game with the easier leaders until I get a bit better hang of it. I would hate to finish with Liu Bei and the others be a cakewalk.

Ugh, I actually grossly mistimed my turn limit with Liu Bei compared to how far my Armies could move on the strategic map, and I ended up permanently stuck with an unwinnable strategic position and saved game.

So, I restarted with Sun Ce, and the battles are much easier compared to those of Liu Bei. Now if I could only get Gan Ning to join me I’d be happy, as I already have Zhou Yu, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, and Zhou Tai in my ranks. IIRC from what I’ve read, Sun Shang Xiang is a recruitable Wu-kingdom general as well, the only female general in the game. Oh, and Sun Quan’s stats are pretty damned pathetic.

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I guess Sun Quan was more charismatic than strong, so maybe that fits. Seems like he was pretty intelligent too. More of a leader type.

Well, I didn’t get the game today because it was $50 and I could only get one game, and my wife has been wanting Mario Sunshine, so that’s what I got. Plus Animal Crossing came out today and looks cool. But I WILL get DT. Some people apparently don’t like it, according to the EB guy. I am guessing that many of them expected a Dynasty Warriors type game. The cover and title actually kind of suggest that to casual gamers, I would think. KOEI is pretty sloppy in that way. But I think for us “hardcore” types (yeah, we ROXORZ or whatever the kids say), this game will be a good fit.

I guess I was surprised at how weak Sun Quan is in Dynasty Tactics, considering his stats were usually all-around pretty good in all the previous incarnations of Koei’s RoTK games. He definitely is smarter and more leadership-focused than Sun Ce, though, since Sun Ce focuses on pure strength in DT. OTOH, Sun Quan has a nice array of very smart (Zhou Yu, Lu Su) or very strong (Taishi Ci, Zhou Tai) generals to support his efforts.

I did just pick up Zhuge Jin in my Sun Ce/Sun Quan campaign, so I’m hoping I can find Zhuge Liang before Liu Bei does and steal him away to my faction.

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its exciting to see the new koei console games. kessen, dynasty warriors series were nothing like the pc games they have been creating. i really appreciate they would do something new, new engine, new game play etc. unlike the pc side, which seriesly need some renovation and new ideas. ROTTK8 was ok(the combat wasnt bad), but NA10 was almost boring.

i guess my problem is, after 10 years and so many new editions, the games have not evolved much… (and u know how much pc games are selling for in japan ? 10k+ yen)