Dyson Sphere Program - 3D Factorio on a Galactic scale

It’s coming, though not until later this year I think. For those that just like the factory bit, it is great though.

Co-op, for those who care.

One of the few mods for Dyson available is an MP/coop one.

Nice! Do you know if it works well?

I do not. It is pretty actively developed though.

Official mod support is another announced future feature. It still is pretty streamlined and two-click simple to manage mods once you install the community mod manager.

In general my mod experience was very stable within one specific set of mods.
As long as I used the same load order I generated the world with I didn’t even get so much as an error message in my 40 hours (except an expected warning that my modded game isn’t eligible for the game’s leaderboard).
Only switching mods around to test stuff out after I finished my game gave me issues.

The big mod I mentioned earlier is

It really enhanced the vanilla game’s somewhat flat planet and star variety.

I’m impressed by how so many Factorio-likes end up being extremely good. Factorio is about defending and managing pollution, Satisfactory is about architecture (and auto-pilots), and Dyson Sphere Program is about expanding and exploring on the most epic scale, and shooting cannons at the sun, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

They each fill a different niche and really compliment each other. My cup runneth over!

Preach! I guess I should get this game…

Nilaus has started streaming this again and did a video on the new stuff:

Katherine of Sky is also doing DSP again.

For those that watch Nilaus, the most interesting thing about his current playthrough is that he’s restricting himself from using foundation to pave the planets (and least until he obtains all the achievements). I expect a psychotic break in 3…2…

They released a trailer for the upcoming combat system, to be released 2023.
Complete with the game’s awkward voice over and impressive visuals.

The news item mentions some difficult design aspects for the combat, so it remains to be seen if it rises above the annoying chore of Factorio’s aliens.
They have been pretty good with updates and addressing issues like reworking the planning UIs twice and general performance improvements.

It’s my opinion that there has never been a game that needed combat less.

Agreed. I know a lot of people expect it, but even in Factorio the first thing I do is disable biters. I’d much rather just see more of what DSP is already excellent at.

Fired this up for the first time. Is following the main story research path the only thing that exists as far getting direction goes? I tend to get bored without some game imposed goals / challenges.

As far as usability and looks go, this is pretty nice.

Pretty much. As I recall, early on there are some tutorial-y type prompts, but basically you’re climbing the research tree to be able to build a Dyson sphere. Like you, I tend to need structure in games like this, but I found it motivation enough.Moment to moment your goals are usually either to get the thing that enables you to unlock new research, or optimising/refactoring your production to get the scale you need to push further.

With a game like this, your initial goal is to unlock the tech tree and (specific to DSP) I believe it was achieve some amount of produced white cubes to “win”. The game doesn’t really end there, because the real goal is to expand, optimize, and build silly large (if you are still above 20fps, you aren’t done!). Or use mods to add new twists and challenges. But they are ultimately sandbox-ish games.

With the advent of news about Factorio’s expansion, I’ve started playing DSP again (so I don’t burn out on Factorio). I didn’t get very far last time, just to the point of unlocking interplanetary travel. A couple of thoughts…

Although they’ve been working on combat for over a year with no release in sight, I really don’t miss it in this game. I do like the biters in Factorio, although admittedly I just build a big wall with lots of guns and ignore them after the first few hours. DSP seems more contemplative without combat, though.

Going up the tech tree in Factorio pretty much just adds capabilities (e.g. construction robots). In DSP, however, you start with annoyances and somewhat mitigate them through tech (looking at you, mecha energy). Having to spend energy to move and build is annoying busywork and doesn’t add anything to the game, in my opinion. Maybe I’m just grumpy because I’ve been building a ring of belts around the pole, but large scale building takes way too long when I have to stop and recharge the mecha every couple minutes. I’m sure it’ll get better with better tech, but not soon enough.

Not sure I agree that this is a contrast. There’s plenty of QoL stuff locked behind the tech tree in Factorio (blueprints most obviously), But I do agree the game would be better if they ditched the player avatar completely and made it an RTS/tycoon game style UI. Sadly it seems to be part of the DNA of these games.

There’s plenty of QOL stuff locked behind the tech tree in Factorio, I agree. I don’t think there are active annoyances designed into the game like running out of mecha energy, though. I am not making enough use of Wireless Power Towers while building in DSP, I guess.

Well, there are the biters…

To be fair to DSP, recharging becomes a non-issue relatively quickly (although it kind of becomes an issue again with interplanetary travel). But really that just highlights how pointless a mechanic it is.

Yeah, I think my biggest complaint with recharging is that it’s just there to slow you down before becoming irrelevant. I don’t like mechanics that are there just to make the game better when they’re removed.

Biters feel different to me, although I guess there isn’t actually that much difference in the purpose of the mechanic. Fighting them is something of a challenge vs just a delay, I think.