Dyson Sphere Program - 3D Factorio on a Galactic scale

Give Shapez or Shapez 2 a try. Scratches some of that Factorio/DSP itch, sans avatar. I believe Desynched is without avatar as well?

December this year, apparently

Honestly, this wasn’t what I was looking for in my DSP game. I played a couple of dozen hours earlier this year and got to the point where I was starting to build the sphere. I never missed combat in any of that.

Combat wouldn’t have made my wishlist either.

Agreed. As amazing as DSP is, I can only imagine what they could have done using the past 1-1.5 years if they focused on something other than combat. But then, I play Factorio without biters too.

Once you do start having really good supply lines to build your spheres, that is sort of the end of the game though.

Personally I’m fine with that, and I’m very much with @Daagar in that I don’t need any kind of pressure to help me enjoy a really satisfying builder like DSP or Factorio, but it’s obviously their attempt at turning up the pressure and putting those spheres to use within the systems.

I’m surprised I wasn’t more annoyed by the mecha energy thing, considering how unpopular it is in the thread. It gave me a reason to keep making fuel cells and I built a bunch of “gas stations” in strategic locations.

Also, apparently proper blueprints are in the game now. Maybe I’ll do another run when I clear my winter backlog.

I’d be interested to hear anyone’s take on the whole combat thing in this game, because in my head it just doesn’t seem to fit. I just finished a big run a couple months ago, so I’m not ready to jump back in yet, and I don’t know if this update would draw me back in or not.

I play Factorio without biters because I don’t care for the whole tower defense style game - I want to build factories! So I’m not a huge fan of this update but WOW does it make for some excellent clips (as seen in Nilaus’ preview above).

That video is bonkers, I did not expect it to look anywhere near that good. Those guys just keep setting the bar.

I too play Factorio with bugs disabled.
I had reserved some judgement on the Dark Fog being more impactful and fun.

After starting a new campaign and playing a bit it’s… fine.
It’s a decent combat base, it looks good; but it doesn’t add to the game for me. It’s more annoying than challenging or entertaining pretty quickly.

In the end I’m sad they spent a year+ solely focusing on combat.

Nilaus has levelled up his main bus design:

I’ve been playing a fair bit over the last week. Got back up to green science, but my home system is pretty small and resource scarce, so I’m going to have to find a new star to scale up any further.

Combat is annoying but not too bad in practice, at least on default difficulty. Still would rather not have to deal with it. It’s just an annoying distraction in a game where you always have something on the go. Also, I find it baffling that with all the improvements the devs have made they still haven’t implemented an easy way to find where you’re producing what.

There is a setting to disable it though, right? At least I thought I saw something when starting a game where it could be a game without it.

Yeah, pretty sure it’s toggleable at setup, doubt you can turn it off mid-game though.

Yeah dark fog is optional, and there are a bunch of settings that you can tinker with, but as far as I can tell you can’t change it once the game has started.

I could’ve sworn that was an option, but I don’t see it anywhere.

I haven’t gotten properly off-world in my combat save yet, but so far it’s been a little underwhelming. It’s not as much of a game changer as I would’ve thought.

Got to white science and killed off the dark fog in my home system, so I think I’m done for now. Could in theory stick around and finish off the tech tree and get the last few resources, but doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

Played the demo of Shapez 2. Definitely going to buy it at 1.0, though I do have a hard time conceptualising the consequences of some of the machines (I love the preview function), such as the swap cutter, so I had to do a lot of trial and error. And the spaghetti I created makes my DSP layouts look well ordered. I really appreciate the QoL stuff they’ve included, and how simple belt management is.

I want to like Shapez 2, but I felt like I was being encouraged to tear everything down and build fresh for each new shape. At least in the demo, there’s very limited use of shapes once their goal is met and limited floor space. It felt more like a series of puzzles and less like an automation game. Maybe things open up more later.

That’s what I liked about it. It’s (or at least it presents as) an automation puzzle game that isn’t quite as programmery as Zachtronics.

Interesting. In the original game (Shapez), you had to keep supplying old shapes to your hub in order to earn upgrades and it became a puzzle about how to cram everything into the hub. (By spreading your satellite factories farther and father out.) The trailer videos for Shapez 2 show a factory scale that is huge, so I imagine in the final game you’ll have all the space you need. I think optimization for big factories has been a big focus of the development.