Dyson vacuums - Not all they're cracked up to be?

I’m going through Consumers Reports testing and grading of vacuums from the past 2 years and I’m extremely surprised to see Dyson only ranks around ~Average in the carpet cleaning categories… and out of 32 vacuums they occupy the 8th, 16th, and 17th slots.

I thought the Dyson was the be-all end-all of vacuum cleaner design? I guess not huh?

Thinks he can win me over with his British marketing bullshit…

A million times the force of gravity! I just think things should work prop-a-ly!

I think you should go back to your own country and stop trying to sell me your mediocre vacuum cleaner! Even that three hundred year old bald guy from Oreck makes a better pitch than you! It only weighs 8 pounds!! How much does your gargantuan pile of shit weigh? Twelve? Thirteen hundred tons?

Look, now you’ve got me all flustered.

ya, but it has that, like, 70 foot hose that stores right in the handle. you gotta’ admit, that’s pretty slick.

I’ve got a Dyson and swear by the thing. They look like plastic rocket ships, but they’re really nice to use and ours has been rock solid.

When a gay man tells you it won’t lose suction… ah never mind!

Seriously, Consumer Reports is highly trustworthy.

Having had a couple they are excellent when they are new but for the price you pay for the damn things the build quality is pretty poor and they can start to lose performance pretty quickly, like within a year or so of buying the thing and using them regularly.

Outta curiosity, how do the Oreck rank?

I love those things. I’ve had the XL Classic for a while now. Even the design is nice. Seriously. If you’ve ever used one for a while, just look at what the other companies offer. Talk about goofy lookin’.

Plus, the thing has just performed so well over the years. Only maintenance required has been to replace worn belts, and that just requires pulling a few screws off.

Best vacuum evar = Rainbow.

They may not be worth the high cost, but my wife swears ours cleans better than any vacuum we’ve ever had. Could be we’ve happened to chose crappy vacuums in the past though.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, because my girlfriend and I love our Dyson Cyclone thing (remember the ad? It sucked up a knockoff Lego guy!). My girlfriend bought it, and the lady who sold it to her insisted on demonstrating how to use it. My girlfriend was a little non-plussed at first, but after she showed me how to work it later, it’s obvious she appreciated it. Damn thing’s like a Transformer. But, that hose rules, you can do the whole staircase, and run it all through my office/obstacle course.

Anyway, jp: who came in at #1-7?

Ugh. My mom had one, and even though it was an expensive pain in the ass, since it was supposed to be the best you could get, I mentioned it to my wife when we were looking for a new vacuum. Then I read a Consumer Reports which had the Rainbow ranked near the bottom in almost every catagory. That shut me up pretty damn quick, of course that was just because I was trying to figure out who to strangle for having to deal with that shitty filter water for so many years.

  1. Hoover WindTunnel Self Propelled Ultra U6439-900

  2. Eureka Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870 (as a Best Buy)

  3. Kenmore (Sears) Progressive with Direct Drive 34922

  4. Hoover WindTunnel Bagless U5753-900

  5. Eureka Ultra Whirlwind 4880D

  6. Kirby The Ultimate G Diamond Edition

  7. Riccar SupraLite RSL3 Simplicity Freedom F3500

  8. Dyson DC15 The Ball All Floors

  9. Oreck XL21-700

The worst vacuum cleaners overall were Bissell, Dirt Devil, and Sanyo.

Note - you can change the model number slightly with the Hoover and Eureka vacuums, and end up with a mediocre hunk of junk.

The top 8 got perfect carpet cleaning scores EXCEPT the Kenmore, Dyson, and Oreck.

This thread is now wandering the Willamette Parkview Mall…

Having read Consumer Reports coverage of areas I’m familiar with (cars and computers), I take their reviews with a huge grain of salt. Particularly when they list a kenmore in the top 3. I have a similar model and it’s craptacular.

So, we’re thinking of dropping $400 on a Dyson Animal as we’ve had nothing but crappy vacuums for the past 11 years. If Dyson isn’t the way to go, what do you guys recommend?

I have a dyson animal and it works great. shrug

Of course, this begs the question as to whether Dyson Animals have souls…

I got the Eureka Boss Smartvac backthen and it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever had. We love it (it has a bag), and it’s suction power is magnificent. It sucked all the hair out of my carpet after I shaved me cat.

What a timely thread! My wife and I are looking to replace our crappy Bissel vacuum cleaner–what a hunk of junk–and she’s very interested in the Dyson line. Keep the comments coming.

Whoever came up with those names needs a stern talking to, perhaps even a light beating.

I have a Dyson Animal and it owns. I have 3 cats. I can vacuum a mostly-clean-to-naked-eye room and fill up half the canister with cat hair.

I purchased the extended warranty on it, though. Paying five hundred dollars for a giant piece of plastic was a concern.

The hose isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, and the winding the power cord up is a pita… but I guess that just comes with the upright territory.

You need to clean the main brush every month or so, as it will fill up with carpet fuzzles and cat hair, reducing performance.

I cleaned the HEPA filter once and was sick for a week afterward. Maybe I should have done it outside? Not sure. Not like I put the thing to my mouth and inhaled deeply. But you wouldn’t know it.

Nothing about Miele? Those are some pretty nice vacuums if you don’t mind spending way more then you should on a vacuum cleaner.