e-GeForce FX 5500 Refresh Rate Problem

Just bought a e-GeForce FX 5500 to replace my GeForce 3Ti, as I needed DVI out. However, while my GeForce supported 1440x900 @ 85 Hz, the FX 5500 only supports 1440x900 @ 60Hz. In fact, it also only supports 800x600 @ 60 Hz.

Is this because I’m using DVI? I’m using the lastest drivers, and I even attempted to create a customer resolution/refresh rate of 1440x900 @ 85 Hz in the Nvidia control panel, but it would just display a lower res, again, at 60 Hz.

That said, 60 Hz on this LCD via DVI isn’t making my eyes bleed like 60 Hz on a CRT via VGA would.

AMD 2400+ XP
1 gig RAM
On-board sound, LAN

It’s because you’re using a DVI connection to an LCD – it’s supposed to be at 60 hz, it’s not the same as a CRT. So you’re fine.

Thanks, Desslock.