E-ink Phones

YotaPhone 2 is the latest version of this tech. Basically, the phone has an e-ink screen on the reverse side with the normal calling, texting, and basic web functions visible to offer massive battery conservation. You can mirror anything on the front LED screen to the back, but obviously static stuff with lower refresh needs works best. No official word on a US release, but rumors are that something may be coming this year.

Anyway, I just thought this was an interesting idea, and a pretty cool solution to Android battery life sucking so hard.

I use my phone for phone calls, texts, email, music player, tapatalk occasionally, camera and Google Maps/GPS. That last two might be a problem but all of the rest seem perfect for an e-ink screen. If the resolution was good enough I think e-ink could do the maps/GPS part pretty well which only leaves the camera.

Saw this on IndieGoGo today. Given that Kindle is one of my top 3 apps I use on my phone, it’s almost tempting.

Problem is, one of the other top 3 is “Camera.” And that experience is gonna suck on an e-ink display.

(Also, I don’t link the fearmongering in the initial part of their sell.)

My first thought is great idea. I like the look. I like the battery life. I’m sure it is wonderful for reading, email, text, music, podcasts, and phone calls. It’s probably great for light browsing, forums, and perhaps even facebook. The dual SIM is actually something I’d like.

Could I wean myself off of using the camera and games? Do I want to? What is the experience using maps/GPS? Could I do without the Google Play Store and the ability to get random apps?

Overall I’d think about getting one if it was cheap enough that I could treat it as an impulse purchase. But it has too many limitations and question marks to serve as a replacement phone.