E-ink's crappy refresh

Since I was in the market for an e-reader and the new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight got a good review on cnet, I decided to order one.

The screen flashes black on every refresh. Is there any way to work around this? If this is normal for e-ink, how the hell do people tolerate it?

I don’t know about Nook, but Kindle defaults to only doing a full refresh (black screen) once every 10 page turns. This also makes turning pages faster. The downside is if you don’t do a full refresh, you might get ghost text in the background, but I’ve never seen it. There is a setting that lets you switch to a full refresh each page turn, if you want.

It’s normal. You get used to it, to the point where you’ll stop noticing it before you’ve finished your first book.

Agreed. It bothered me a lot the first time I read a book on my kindle, but now I hardly notice it at all.

That’s only with the latest gen controller AND screen, the Nook doesn’t have both of those. But yea - you rapidly get used to it.

I actually hated the Kindle’s partial refreshes – blink-refresh on every page turn is quickly invisible, but blink-refresh on every tenth-or-so page turn is persistently surprising and annoying, not to mention the distraction of the ghosting on non-blink page turns. I disabled that quickly.

New owners complain about this all the time, but it gradually stops being noticed. It’s weird because I don’t see how this is any more intrusive than physically turning a page.

It never goes away, all of the e-ink readers have it, but eventually you learn to sort of understand that the terrorists’ really do have some valid grievances and you can kind of understand why they took your hostage.

In short: you can kind of learn to not want to kill yourself because of it, eventually, but really if you do tons of e-book reading, you want an iPad 3.

(let the holy wars commence).

The reason I bought a proper ereader is because 1) I charge it for 30 minutes once a month, and read an hour or so every day and 2) it fits in my (admittedly large) pockets. The screen flickering was annoying at first, but now it’s no more annoying to me than turning a physical page.

I love my iPad 3 but I hate it as an ebook reader. I only use it for graphical or layout heavy ebooks; otherwise I greatly prefer my kindle 3. It’s lighter than a normal book, runs forever and a day on a charge, and the screen is readable outdoors just like paper.

Can’t help with the screen refresh issue, it never bothered me after I started reading. It’s certainly quicker than trying to turn a physical page so I don’t get the complaint.

Heh, it’s normal. I don’t even notice it anymore.

Yeah, basically nobody agrees with the iPad recommendation, I reckon. I’ve got an iPad-sized tablet (Transformer Infinity) and while it is 100% awesome for comic books, no chance in hell would it replace my Kindle.

That said, a smaller tablet like the Nexus 7 might be less unreasonable in that way. It still wouldn’t be as light, it still wouldn’t last forever-and-a-day the way the Kindle does, and the screen would be eyestrainier. But it’d be a lot less obviously suboptimal than a giant, heavy tablet.

Also, the cheapest iPad is £399, and I got my e-reader (a Kobo) for £50.

I’ll put up with a screen flash :)

This is the way B&N used to break it down:

If you want to read normal books for long periods of time and/or outdoors, get a black & white e-reader. The battery lasts forever, the screens can easily be read in almost any lighting conditions that work with normal paper, and the reader is light enough for even seniors or children to use one-handed.

If you want to read magazines, comics, or do anything with apps, then get a tablet. Size depending on your preference.

Enh, speak for yourself. I had some documentation I had to go through and I borrowed a Kindle to read it on. The flicker mas maddening and never stopped being maddening.

I use a kobo and the full screen refresh defaults to ever 6 pages. Seriously don’t even think much of it when it does happen. You can change how often it does the full refresh as well. The only time I ever notice any ghosting is when it’s coming from displaying a full page image of some sort and not just text.

Is that on the touch? I’ve got a Wifi (non-touch), and it’s every page.

Yeah it’s on the touch. You can change it to whatever you want though. I just left it at the default.

I will say the page turning slowed down with the 2.0 update, but I got over that quickly enough.

Interesting, thanks

For reading, there’s really no comparing a retina-display resolution device to the old-style screen in the Infinity. It’s really night and day.

But, whatever works for you is fine.