E is for Education

Because stupidly, education has become wildly politicized in this country, exactly the opposite of what our founding fathers dictated. So there’s this gem:

As a teacher, when she gave lessons on evolution, she encouraged her students to write “theory” in the margins of their textbooks, and she would teach them creationism from the Bible.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church has done the opposite and disowned Genesis/Creationism as ridiculous and silly. Obviously, her branch of Christianity is teetering on the brink of “can’t handle the truth!”
You know someone’s faith is terrible if they can’t accept other theories might exist and they have to brainwash kids into believing what they do. Pathetic.

She’s a moron, yeah, but I’d be hesitant to say education was every apolitical. I mean, Socrates lays out a very specific educational system designed to reinforce and support his ideal community, and it’s essentially built on politically expedient lies. Since then, at least, every educational system anywhere has had as at least one of its main tenets the support of the existing political and social hierarchy. It’s just that the Founders were, mostly, rational, Enlightenment-era believers in things like the scientific method and evidence-based epistemologies, largely because these things reinforced their own world views (and their political and economic power, of course).

And they saw the dangers of mixing religion with education. But yes you’re right, but I am very upset when we were fine teaching evolution for 80 years in schools, yet now in the past 20 years they not only want to throw that away but also conflate objective scientific thought with baloney. These are the same people who are trying to wipe the subject and teaching of global warming out of the schools.

Honestly if these people had their way, there would be little biology and science taught at all. Sometimes I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they delete all pictures of embryos because that too conflates their worldview as it shows a common development pathway that’s not unique to humans.

If I held that up at an anti-abortion rally no one would realize they were protesting for cats.

Shouldn’t Liberty University lose its non-profit status for openly politicking for Trump?


Are they a not for profit school? I haven’t looked; there are some for-profit schools. I suspect, though, that you are right and they are abusing their status.

They are not for profit.

If you don’t like what you’ll find, just ignore it. That’s the Republican way.

Charter schools were denying access to those without money or had special needs? Of course. That’s the whole reason for them.

If not for the ACLU this would have continued as it had been going on for years.

I can’t believe how many well-meaning people have been bamboozled by the Charter Schools movement, which is essentially Segregation Forever! with some ugly profiteering thrown in.

A lot of it has segregation academy taint to it, for sure (back in the day, “seg schools” were what we called fancy private schools set up ostensibly for academic rigor but really to allow rich white kids to go to school with other rich, white kids). Not all though. I’ve interacted with charter schools that specialized in inner city kids and a high-school to college connection, complete with ongoing support. These are a definite minority, though.


Schools don’t have enough funding for basic classroom supplies, so there’s a need to implement policy about crowdfunding.

I was told that this appointment wasn’t a big deal, because she was a powerless figurehead.

Geeeeeezus fucking christ.

What’s the rationale here? Who gains what by this?

Corrupt rich people steal from vulnerable poorer people. It’s basically the entire Trump ethos.

Specifically, for-profit colleges that dupe students into getting loans they can’t afford for worthless degrees or degrees they have no hope of completing. Many schools’ business models revolve around evading the regulations on this. DeVos’ family is invested heavily in for-profit schools.

Yeah, who gains from this is pretty explicitly Devos and her family.

Didn’t John Oliver do a piece on for profit universities a while back? It’s an insane scam and disgraceful that anyone associated with our government should be profiting from it. Ah, here’s the piece:

Every time I see her name.

Clearly the solution is to put a tiger in every classroom.

Heard you were looking for $12 billion to buy off some voters… let’s see what we can do.

What a happy coincidence that they saved $13 billion and helped the for-profits pocket some extra money.