E is for Education

We used it as our campus “Community Book” one year, but that’s at a college. I’d agree it’s probably suited best for maybe seniors in high school, no younger, and maybe better for college use.

But that ain’t the reason it was on the list of that group I bet.

USC offers a minor in “Resistance to Genocide”. This year, a student of that program was made valedictorian, and USC realized she might use her speech to resist a genocide. So the provost cancelled her speech, and mused that it’s unfair to the other students to have a valedictorian and maybe they should get rid of the honor.

Most folks probably know this, but despite all the talk about colleges and universities being hotbeds of radicalism, most of them are very much not. Most, actually, behave with abject cowardice in most cases where actually making a stand might cause the administration (or Board, or Regents, or whatever) any inconvenience, or lose them a rich donor.

In my over a quarter-century of teaching in higher ed, I’ve yet to really see much intellectual or ideological courage at any college.

I think it’s the difference between college administration/alumni/officials versus the students. The kids can be quite radical/liberal, but the money folks are gonna go slow and steady.

Yup, especially since the administrators these days are mostly MBA’s.

Oh, very true, though I’ve found that it isn’t so much “slow and steady”–which is pretty anodyne, and makes sense in many ways–but “utterly without direction and swayed only by fear.”

In a similar vein, Columbia suspended all of their protesting students and then had them arrested for trespassing. Seems like all the university administrators got the message that they need to crack down on any pro-Palestinian sentiment.

Woman runs for school board vowing to get rid of CRT and sexualization of children. Wins and inspects every single lesson plan in the district. Finds no evidence of either. Excitedly tells her fellow travelers that there’s nothing to worry about. Hilarity ensues.

Honestly, good on her for actually changing her views when presented with evidence. That’s not a common behavior in today’s political climate.

She should get together with the guy who took his AR to the pedo pizza place to find out.

Yeah, I agree. I’m super cynical and just assume all of these people are insincere, but a lot of them really do believe these things. When they see they’re wrong about this stuff, they can be reasoned with.

According to a Granbury police report, an off-duty officer spotted a black pistol in a holster in Cliff Criswell’s waistband and alerted school and city police. Possession of an unauthorized firearm at a school board meeting is a third-degree felony under state law, but because officers didn’t conclusively identify the weapon that night, and because Cliff Criswell declined to cooperate, prosecutors were unable to file charges, said Granbury police Deputy Chief Cliff Andrews. Cliff Criswell could not be reached for comment.

“Had we identified the gun at the very moment, yes, absolutely, we could have filed charges on it,” Andrews said. “We made a simple mistake.”

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m sure there must be some reason why ol’ Cliff gets to carry a gun on school grounds and commit a felony. Lemme go look up a picture of Cliff Criswell…


Yeah, this is why I tend to react pretty strongly when people generalize all of the people on the right(well really I can’t help but push back on any broad generalizations of any population) for being in on “it”. Lots of them sincerely believe the horrible things that they are being told. Kids at school are being sexualized by pedophile drag queens and having their genders trans’d. Migrants are monsters who are doing all kinds of terrible things to you. Liberals are monsters who want to ban religion. Etc etc. They aren’t in it for the hate and cruelty, but are terrified of this state of the world that they’ve been convinced exists. It’s obviously ridiculous stuff and I don’t want to excuse people for being that stupid. But lots of smart people have been suckered into some pretty bad lies too. To some degree it’s a defect of humanity and to some degree it’s a failing of society.

This lady should run for President. Her epiphany could be the start of a solution to the epistemological crisis Obama warned us about. If we can find one, her VP pick could be a liberal who made a similar realization.

The Republican War on Public Schools is in full swing:


The Colorado Republican Party is issuing a call to its members to pull their children from public school, saying Democrats are using schools to “turn more kids trans.”

The message was delivered in an email blast to Republicans statewide Tuesday.

“All Colorado parents should be aiming to remove their kids from public education,” read the directive from Darcy Schoening, director of special initiatives for the Colorado GOP.

And, this article looking at the costs/benefits of Public School Higher Education in CA, seems relevant:

But the basic trend remains the same: State and federal financial aid at public campuses plus typical salaries that far exceed the wages for those with a high school diploma make college worth the investment.

Private Schools, naturally, are more hit and miss.

This is the money chart:


Go CalState folks! I took my own advice. My master’s degree is from a CalState university (SDSU). I paid less than the cost of a new car for the whole degree and recouped the cost in just a couple of months based on salary differential alone.

Literally ;)

Every time I see this thread, my brain reads the title as “E is for Edumacation” which I guess is what the GOP are trying for.