E= MC Squared

On last night a docu-drama, as I think they call them nowadays, covering the the history of Einstein’s equation and tracing back through the earlier scientists who’d cracked the concepts of Energy, Mass, Speed of Light and the concept of squaring stuff to, erm, work things out.

Rather aptly narrated by Christopher Eccleston and with a reasonably recognisable cast of the various characters (Moaning Myrtle as Einstein’s wife) it ended up being a lot better than the sum of it’s parts. Personally I don’t really like the whole docu-drama setup, I’d rather have talking heads or archive footage or shots of sketches or anything other than a dramatisation of what someone else thinks happened at a key moment in time.

On the plus side I think it’s honestly the first time I ever felt like I actually understood properly what the equation means rather than just having the vague notion about it.

Made by Channel 4 so I’ve no idea if it will wind it’s way stateside, but it is worth a look if it crops up, even at just over 2 hours running time.

Excellent. Now, go download and listen to Big Audio Dynamite’s song by the same name.

The horses are on the track…