E3 2007: Anyone exhibiting? Anyone covering it?

PAX is a great option, but the consumer nature of the show does get in the way of conducting business. Leipzig is great because there are a few halls (well, a hall and a few floors of meeting rooms) that are limited to media and business purposes… then they have another couple halls dedicated to the consumer portion.


But then, E3 was never a good place to conduct business anyway. Which is, of course, one of the major complaints that the big publishers had about the show.

I think that PAX is going to get a lot of hype this year and may be a good alternative to spending the cash to head to Germany.

Of course, with your presence you could always make PAX the more viable business option.

— Alan

We’ll just mirror all the downloads and screens, and watch porn I guess.

Yep, and I’ve suggested it to no fewer than two clients. We’ll see how it goes.

I think you should talk to the organizers, they may be able to help you out on the “attracting business” angle, though frankly I’m not sure if they want to go there. Would be interesting to see what they think.

PAX has been growingly steadily and last year I’m pretty sure they hit the max for Bellevue: the convention center was jam-packed and a lot of the lectures/meetings took over most of the surrounding hotels. This year they’ll be moved to a huge convention center in Seattle with lots of room, so now they are in a more traditional larger venue, they may have the capability to accommodate you better.

Businesses at PAX last year were split between developers and stores; there was Ubi, us, Mythic, the Guitar Hero guys, Arenanet at the other end for their tourney, LOTR/DDO, Atari, some boardgame/RPG devs, and a bunch of stores/vendors (in the showhall).

— Alan