E3 2010 Meet Up Thread

So who’s in?

Besides me.


This guy.

I am in.

I’m in, depending on which evening of course.

Yeah, would love to make it happen; my sched is currently quite open, but I imagine it’ll start filling up at the last minute. Thanks for taking the reins, Troy :)

As a guy who posts every few months lately, I know you were all waiting on me. But I’m in as well if it fits in my schedule.

So I’m in for sure, unless it’s on Monday… even then I COULD be in depending on how late it is; I just have a dinner.

Absolutely. Just make sure to pick someplace with good food. I know I tend to eat like crap during these things and I should make sure to get one good meal that week! Good meal and good company will be even better.

Bumping this to see if we can get a critical mass and timing in mind.


I could potentially be in if the timing’s right…I might be able to bring SpyParty for people to playtest too if there’s interest (and if I stop surfing qt3 and get back to work on it).

During the show/evenings is always bad…I don’t suppose Monday is an option? There’s a party at GR2 for the BIT.TRIP guys on Monday night, too.


This is here in LA right? Is it okay if if I come, presuming the timing works? :)

Brian, you like Kool Aid and we’ll be drinking adult beverages, so you’re out :) :)

When and where? I’ll be there.

But…but…I too enjoy the occasional adult beverage. :(

What if I don’t drink kool-aid or adult beverages? Is root beer a no no?

Adults drink Root Beer. It even has the word Beer in it.