E3 2010: the Qt3 dinner, Tuesday, June 15 at 6:30pm

Okay, since that other thread is just going to dither around, here’s the deal: let’s all have dinner at this California Pizza Kitchen on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. It’s down the street from the Convention Center and it’s a bit of a walk, but you won’t need a cab. I know lots of folks will arrive late, or might have to leave early, or won’t be able to make it, or whatever. But having done some elaborate algebra, I have determined this is the best time and place!

So post in this thread if you’re confirmed that you can make it. Alternatively, just show up and find an unruly group of dorks with nametags. Yes, there will be nametags. And, no, you don’t have to be in the games industry or even attending E3 if you just want to come downtown to meet us.


I will be there for 30 mins, alas I have a dinner later that I cannot dodge :( But it will be good to see folks for a bit!

Gonna be very tough to get across town from Santa Monica around rush hour, but I would like to poke my head in. How late do y’all envision this going?


Sorry for dithering.


Woo. Should be fun! (err, might be me plus one. Wanted to add that for overall headcount purposes)

I’ll try to stop by.

I think I might be late, I get off work at 6 in Glendale but I’ll try to haul ass

I’m taking the E3 off to sleep in, massive crunch.

Have fun at E3.

Gordo and Matt, we will be as late as we need to be for you to join us. :) For those of you who feel like you might have to hurry, don’t sweat it. I figure we’ll stick around to close the place down.


Well its orientation day (My first week of work ever happens to fall on the week of e3) so I have no idea how long those usually take, but my usual work day I’m told is till 6. Don’t wait for me, worst case I show up late and have some dessert.

I should be able to make it.

Darn… looks like I’ll be missing this by a couple hours.


Hmm. 6th game of the NBA finals at the Staples Center. Probably not. You guys have fun!

Do believe I shall be there… was supposed to have a dinner, but not sure if it’s happening.

Man, I can’t believe I’m going to miss E3 this year! But please, don’t cancel the dinner on my account! You guys have fun anyway, okay?

Aw man, you’re having the big dinner on my birthday. Put some candles on the pizza or something.

I will try my best to make it. You all rocked last year and I had a blast. Also, if Mr. Ohle is there, I need to pick his brain :P

I’ll be there with my crew!

Shouldn’t this be titled, “The Dinnering”?

Might be able to make it. Might be able to haul Jonathan Blow with me.