E3 2011 Qt3 Meet-up?

Is there going to be a Quarter to Three meet-up at E3 this year? I really enjoyed the dinner we had back in '09, and it would be great to get together again!

I’m not going to E3 but I’d love to join y’all for this. :)

I’ll be around as always.

Someone has to keep an eye on Chick… he’s up to something.

Well I’ll put something together, if there’s not an official Chick-sanctioned event scheduled. How about Wednesday at 6:30, at California Pizza Kitchen near the convention center? I’ll post the address later.

I’m a relative newb here but ran into Tom during pre-E3 week and discussed trying to attend the meetup. So I think it’s on his radar. Wednesday may be impossible for me personally. Tuesday or Thursday are ok. (Realizing I’m just one data point of many!)

Tuesday please.


PS. I’ll bring my two laptops for SpyParty playtesting if people are interested.

I’d love the opportunity for any of us at E3 to meet and hang out, but this year it’s going to be a slightly less formal situation (i.e. probably no nametags). I’ll post the definitive details over the weekend, but basically, it comes down to hanging out at California Pizza Kitchen any time after 6pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Come either night, or both nights!


Yeah, Tom will probably organise it, as he did in '10 and '09.

I can’t do Wednesday either. Tuesday or Thursday would be good.

Edit: Okay, that means I’ll be there Tuesday. Were there name tags in '10? That’s serious business. I didn’t make it to E3 that year. I don’t remember having them for '09.

Yay, sounds fun! :)

I remember the name tags. Not sure why Tom isn’t doing it. He seemed to enjoy it immensely.

I dunno if I will be able to make it since I actually have to work a booth this year. Hopefully I can sneak away.

Wednesday is the day I intend to go to E3, so there is that.

Tuesday is the one night I already have stuff planned, so I can’t be there that night, but I’m all over it Wednesday.

I’ll be at E3 on Tuesday. Might stop in for a bit.

Any progress on this? I haven’t seen the official thread.

You need nametags that are the little bit to the left of your posts printed out and pinned to your shirt.

I’m still trying to procure a pass, craigslist seems to have failed me this year, but if I can snag one I’ll make it on Wednesday.

Are we still doing this folks?

I guarantee that Tom Chick and I will be at a Pizza Kitchen in the state of California. I GUARANTEE IT!

I’m holding you to that.

I am determined to show up this time around. Tuesday! Probably dragging Jonathan Blow with me. Probably after 6pm, maybe at 7pm, since there’s another thing I’m going to at 5pm around the corner.