E3 2011 - Year of the PC?

This years E3 might be big for PC’s since they trump consoles on every front now. Digital distribution is growing every minute and its getting noticed. Soon the new consoles will show themselves though, but looks like the PC has the field for a bit now.

How do you feel this year will turn out? New console announces drowning out all PC news or will the PC have its day in the sun? Or will the old consoles still prove the main focus for most devs and thus the news?

Social gaming getting big?

Predict the future!

Except sales, which is what drives E3. New Nintendo console, new Sony handheld, hype is driven by the press conferences held by the three console manufacturers, no Valve presence…why would you think the PC is even going to be much more than a footnote?

Yeah Matt is right in that the PC doesn’t have any big names there to re-present it but I expect even more announcements for “also for the PC” for new games.

Hardly any games today (apart from 1st party ones and Wii games) aren’t ported over to the PC and I expect this to be continued with the E3 reveals.

I also have a faint hope for annoucement of “Red Dead Redemption” for the PC at the 2K press event (as Rockstar is not attending E3).

GamesCom is the show where the PC has more chance to shine, in a country that’s still mainly focused on PC games (of all kinds).

A trade show in the US where big publishers try to eclipse each other with the next (military) multiplatform shooter… nah, I begin to understand why some developers stay away from E3, especially when they’re from Europe or when they’re independent.

I suppose Battlefield 3 could make some noise with the PC version getting the spotlight. SW:TOR is gonna be shown, too, but I think that will ultimately disappoint people. I don’t think Blizzard goes to E3, and short of them unveiling Titan I can’t see any way for PC gaming to really steal the show.

Maybe he meant E3 2001.

I think you spelled iPhone wrong in the thread title…

Yeah, PC is in a really great spot, nearly time to cancel the DOMED status even.

But E3 will be all about Wii 2, whatever Kinect stuff / Halo / Franchise thing Microsoft has and Sony’s new-found commitment to humility post PSN train crash.

Best there will be lots of “also for PC”. Red Dead redemption will be nice, but I’m not holding my breath. I suppose Bully made it to PC, so it is not out of the question.

Red Dead Redemption, with all DLC included Collectors Edition <3

one can only dream I guess…

E3 is all about the big 3, and Microsoft will probably not even mention the PC in the conference, and maybe will have some PCs in the storeroom playing Age of Empires. Sure there will be announcements for PC, but not from Valve and not from Blizzard.

E3 is also a place for publishers to speak to retailers, retailers that know that PC business for them continues to decline so no great announcements there.

If you have some big announcement for a PC exclusive I think is a good idea not to do it at E3, unless you are EA or Ubisoft and have a big conference in the beginning for other smaller publisher just wait for E3 to die down.

Particularly this year, everything will be about the Wii 2.

Blizzard has shown the way here - just have your own damn conference to announce things at. Paradox does this now too.

Valve is weird and seems to be addicted to ARGs, Virtual millinery, or jokes about awesome Australians* kicking arse to advertise their stuff.

  • I heartily approve of this method.

I’m confused. What are these advantages of the PC? What are the big games coming out exclusively for PC? I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I really don’t know what’s being talked about in this thread. I’d love some good PC games. Where are they?

Advantages of the PC is pretty much referring to graphics. Even a mid range card can handsomely beat a console these days. I dont necessarily subscribe to the theory that this is greatly important or proves anything.

But by all reports, the Witcher 2 sure is pretty. And currently PC exclusive. My copy is till in transit though.

As for good PC games:



The AAA blockbuster is of course still the domain of the consoles. Until the next Starcraft, project Titan (new Blizzard MMO) or Halflife hits.

At this point? The Witcher 2.

Ah yes, if only Valve would flex it muscles a bit.

Maybe it was just me hoping it would be the PC year this E3. I feel its time for the PC to shine a bit. With all the great indie titles, digital download platforms taking off, and getting the best versions of the games (ie where they are prettiest and run smoothest)

But I fear you guys might be right in that there are not enough big titles for PC or publishers willing to stand up for them. Real shame though.

Hope it won’t be all lukewarm console news. PC is where it happens atm imo. (Although the Sony news was entertaining over the last few weeks ;) )

The iOs mobile year… Good point… hadn’t thought of that, while I’m a hue mobile games fan on both iPhone and iPad. Less now the DS, but maybe N’s next device will be truly mobile and ditch the cartridges. Ah one can dream :D

Wonder how they are going to shape it this year… new console titles must begin to look a bit stale… Last years console to PC ports couldn’t keep up with PC exclusive titles already, now its getting laughable.

Well, you guys sure tempered my expectations now. Which might be a good thing? But did you really need to shatter my dreams so harshly? ;)

MattKeil had the right answer in the first post. E3 is about mainstream/sales since 2005-2006, the focus is on the three big console companies usually… and on top of it this year there is a new Nintendo console and new handheld from Sony.

2011 is the year of the PS3 again obviously.

Name the big PC titles that are going to trump the console offerings, a new Nintendo console, and a new Sony portable.

Social gaming getting big? Welcome to 2 years ago, if anything social gaming is on the decline. Free to play and mobile is where its at.

Anno 2070 ? PC only and nothing like it on the consoles!


Yeah i know, its the best I could muster.