E3 2012: Momentous or Meh?

E3 started rolling today with the little Wii U premiere video, but with Dave Long having vacated the board, it looks like nobody mentioned that.

The Microsoft press conference is Monday at 9:30 AM, and will be broadcast live at xbox.com/e3, on Spike TV, and on Xbox LIVE.

Sony is at 6 pm on their site. What was that amazing looking game a couple of years ago that they showed with the boy and his giant pet DogDragonThing? That’s the one thing I want to see them show – it looked awesome, and I’ve heard nothing since.

Nintendo is Tuesday at 9 am.

Let the snark commence.

I hate press conferences that are racist against people who sleep all day. I’ve spent the last week trying to adjust my sleep schedule so I’ll be up for the MS and Nintendo pressers live.

My last minute magaton prediction for this year’s E3: Diablo 3 for Vita (and PS3) with full Battle.net integration. Buy once, play on any of those systems, including PC. Character persistence across all versions, co-op between any and all versions. Special offline mode for Vita (just remember to sync next time you’re in range of wi-fi!), but co-op auction house access over 3G as well!

I am skipping E3 this year.

E3 is the industry’s premier convention for manufacturers and sellers of buggy whips, bridles, and harnesses.

Well… http://www.redcoon.de/B362894-Blizzard-PS3-Diablo-3_Rollenspiele-Adventure

Yeah, I just saw that popped up. My prediction is that much closer to being true.

I hope one of the console manufacturers shows a very expensive or very casual new console, so I can drink the tears of the fanboys.


The new handheld Wii is probably what you are looking for, then :-)

Nintendo unveils theWii U gamepadfinal look and the Wii U Pro controller, simillar to the X360 controller, for all those games that don’t use the touchscreen for anything useful.

I’ll watch the Microsoft presentation, though my console gaming has really trailed off over the last 12 months. I don’t expect to purchase another XBox game, ever.

Haha, brilliant! Analog stick placement has now fully inverted from the PS2 design. I understand why they’d do it, for consistency with the WiiU screen controller, but it’s still funny.

I’m looking forward to the inevitable Planetside 2 footage, but that’s about it.

is there any kind of meetup happening for E3 or do i have to stalk tom on my own

I heard Xbox is getting a tablet for their next gen.

Is this because Nintendo announced Wii U? Can Microsoft and Sony please let Nintendo do its own thing.

Maybe I’m in the minority (getting old?), but I don’t want to play my games with giant honking xbox/sony/ tablet controller.

I already have an Ipad. If they’re going to go that route, why not just make apps accessed by code for those who have an ipad/android/etc. that will interact with the game?

I can just see the end of this console generation having stacks of console tables sitting in trash bins since we won’t be able to buy or sell used consoles.

Actually, the current Xbox rumor is exactly that. There will be some kind of companion app for iOS and Android phones and tablets that can be used as a supplemental screen and controller. I think it will be about as usefull as Sony’s “use a psp as a rearview mirror” concept.

Yeah, as marginally useful as the WiiU tablet may be (I still think it has interesting design possibilities), a purely optional tablet add-on app is even less useful.

For supplemental gameplay, they can’t make any real assumptions about the ipad / android ownership, so there’s no motivation to develop features for it. Also, looking at the Nintendo slideshow, they’re still planning on supporting the TV-free mode where the main screen is on the WiiU controller, which may not be that useful, but is another feature that’s supported.

The most momentous thing about the Sony and Microsoft conferences this year is that both will finally be streamed live on the respective console services. It boggles my mind that it’s taken this long for them to do this.

Good stuff:

What on earth…

That controller still looks stupid as hell.

ugh. No thanks, Nintendo.