E3 2012: Momentous or Meh?

That is bizarre. The fact that the guy has to look down at his mega-controller in the middle of an action sequence to see if he has any ammo also is bizarre and doesn’t seem like a good use of the extra screen.

Ahhh It just wouldn’t be E3 without all the awkwardness, this hints at great things from the Nintendo conference, MS best bring the it’s Kinect awkward A game to beat it.

Is this one better?

That’s actually a terrible place for face buttons.

What I’d like to see / hear: Spelunky XBLA release date, some hint on new console dates, and (dreaming here) Ultima series reboot. Almost everything else is meh.

I look forward to all the horribly embarrassing and out-of-touch conferences.

Looking forward to the conferences.

Bohemia Interactive brought the designer of DayZ with them. (He’s an employee.) They had better announce something momentous or I’ll be annoyed with them wasting his time just so he can do a little glad-handing at the booth.

NeoGAF has already crashed in anticipation…

Sucks that so many of you are so jaded and bitter about gaming. :) Me, I still love it after all these years, and I’m really looking forward to all the new announcements.

What I’m most hoping to see from the show this year are some cool titles without numbers or colons in their names…

It’s being crashy since this (european) morning, well before the first conference starts. I think the past year they had more stability.

Maybe they will announce officially there will do a paid version for Arma 3, in time. But I doubt they have anything to show already.

BTW, some hints here and there were heard about Alan Wake 2.

New Splinter Cell

Beyond with Ellen Page, the new Quantic Dreams game

Makes even more sense they toned down the Ellen Page qualities of the girl in Last of Us.

Not that it’s unexpected, but still: hell yes!

This is somewhat funny.

I refer the fact that Game of Thrones is the new .gif darling for this stuff. I remember how years ago it was all done with Lotr gifs. AGoT is the new LoTR! :P

I don’t know, at least for these first screenshots, it doesn’t look like very classic Splinter Cell, imo.

Halo 4 looks really good.