E3 2014 - Electronic Arts

EA will reveal six new games at E3 on Spike TV.

EA World Premiere at E3 coming live to Spike TV on June 9, 1 hour press conference with six new game reveals as part of our E3 All Access.

3 p.m. ET, will last one hour and include all six reveals. The event will be broadcast live on Spike TV’s E3 All Access program, as well as streamed through Spike TV’s website, the EA website and Twitch.

And out of the six games, seven will be sequels!

Madden NFL 2016. The Maddenest Yet. For orthodox Maddenites only, yo.
FIFA 2016, for the euros.
NHL 2016, eh?
NBA Live 2016: On Ice!
Need for Speed: Speed’s Need to Feed Mead to Mr. Seed. Who just Peed?
Battlefield Hardline: MOTS* Edition

  • (More of the Same)

No Need for Speed this year.

Dungeon Keeper: the F2P FPS.

That’d be a nice DLC for NFS:R(whatever).

“No Need For Speed”

Basically, you play a pensioner and you drive 30-60% below the speed limit and the wrong direction on any highway onramp.

If they announce the death of Origin I might be interested.

Origin is fine except for the friend limit.

Hmm… looks like they’re starting off with Battlefront 3!

Live cello

Viola or bust!

Can we romance the cellist?

Are we going to see the new Mass Effect?


Ryan, let’s change up our skills.

Tactical gameplay only available on PC.

Elf-butt in HD.

Meet your romance partners.

Tactical gameplay available as DLC for $4.99.