E3 2014 - Sony

Sony’s E3 kickoff plans:


On June 9th, we’re inviting PlayStation fans in the US and Canada to experience the E3 press conference in a new way — live, on a massive screen in more than 40 movie theaters.Join us and host Geoff Keighley for the PlayStation E3 Experience, featuring an HD simulcast of the PlayStation E3 Press Conference. Attendees will also see 30 minutes of extra content, including exclusive extended game footage and interviews with the world’s biggest game developers. And hey, if you show up, we might even cough up a few surprise gifts.

Best of all, it’s free. Space is limited, so make sure to register for the event soon here: http://eventgrid.com/Custom/playstatione3

When: Monday June 9th at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT (show starts at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT)
Where: 40-50 theaters across US and Canada
What: Watching the PlayStation Press Conference LIVE in HD from the comfort of a movie theater with other PlayStation fans. Event features 30 minutes of exclusive content, including extended game footage and developer interviews.

Huh, intriguing idea, wonder how many folks will go.

I actually looked into getting tickets for one of the NYC showings last night, but it was already sold out!

Gosh, I’d sure prefer to watch at home in my undies.

I knew you liked new tech, but undies connected to the internet is rather cool.

I think out of all the announcements so far, Sony’s “come watch us at a local theater” thing is pretty awesome. I’d go if I could.

Toronto was sold out too.

We should also see more of this

First Rise of Nations on steam, now this? There is a God.

I know I will stare at every millisecond of whatever they show of it… Then be sad that I can’t have it now.

Neat idea, but only one theater in the Metroplex? They are starting small.

That’s untitled at the moment, yeah? Just being referred to as Project Beast?

Was it just me that got a real strong Solomon Kane vibe from it?

Yeah we only have leaks and nothing official.

Well, they’re paying to rent out all these theaters for something no one has tried before. It was probably hard to gauge interest ahead of time, and it would look really bad if they did way more screens and they couldn’t fill them. If it goes off well we could see them expand the concept next year to a lot more screens in a lot more places. Interestingly, having a late press conference is actually a huge advantage in being able to do this. MS would have a lot more trouble getting people out to theaters at 9AM PST on a Monday, for example.

This sounds cool. Hopefully this means they plan to keep raising the bar for this console generation.


We’re pleased to announce Salute To Our Troops, an upcoming event held in Kansas’ Fort Riley military base. Fort Riley has a huge gaming community — the base even has its own dedicated gaming area in their Warrior Zone recreation center.

In an effort to bring a taste of E3 to the troops, we’re kicking off the event on Monday, June 9th, which is the same day as our Press Conference. Our big PlayStation truck — currently travelling across the country for our Road to Greatness tour — will be on the base to offer hands-on time with upcoming PS4 games, and we’ll have contests and giveaways throughout. The event will culminate with a concert from country music singer Brett Eldredge. If you can’t attend but want to see the concert, it will be available for free on our Live Events Viewer app.

I didn’t realize there were Japanese troops stationed in America.

More Destiny will be shown at Sony’s event. No surprise.

I wonder if they’ll answer questions about the Marty O’Donnell firing? Fat chance.

At a console manufacturer’s press conference? Are you out of your mind?

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