E3 2016: Looking towards the future

I looked up the press conference schedule:

EA: Sunday at 4pm ET.
Bethesda: Sunday at 10pm ET.
Microsoft: Monday at 12:30pm ET.
PC Gaming Show: Monday at 2:30pm ET?
Ubisoft: Monday at 4pm ET?
Sony: Monday at 9pm ET.
Nintendo: (Treehouse thingie): Tuesday at Noon ET.

So that means the EA conference starts in about 10 minutes.

I’m watching Giantbomb’s coverage here: http://www.giantbomb.com/chat/

EA stream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPSN9sTQCf4

Upcoming - Star Wars game, Mass Effect, Battlefield, etc.

Nice! Thanks for that. My searching on twitch and youtube was not resulting in any worthwhile stream. (And I don’t want to listen to the Giantbomb guys).

Wow, that Titanfall 2 multiplayer trailer was fantastic. I just love the way they synced up the action scenes with the music. Excellent.

Nothing substantial about Mass Effect, AGAIN. Damnit, EA.

Shoot horses! Brofist!

BF stuff looked pretty good, some of those scenes looked like they were taken straight from the game with HUD turned off.

“Gameplay” footage, more like scripted, pre-rendered material.

I don’t understand how people still believe this is legit gameplay footage.

Oh… E3 is now? And we do not have an official Snark thread?.. Or… do we…

The live gameplay right now is probably scripted, too. Right, HRose?

They are showing right now actual gameplay:

It looks NOWHERE like the trailer.

Felt like the BF Movement was a bit too fast…

the Zep bit was nice.

Here we go again (if you mean the graphics don’t look as good and the usual song and dance). Who cares?

So overall EA:

Titanfall 2 - multiplayer and singleplayer
Madden 17 - more football
EA Play - A bunch of competitive ways to play multiplayer for all their multiplayer games
Mass Effect Andomeda - You’re in the alien in this new galaxy
FIFA 17 - single player story comes to FIFA, and it actually looks like a great sports movie - I’m intrigued
FE - Indie game where animals communicate with music and enemies are silent creatures who want to silence all animals
Star Wars - New Battlefront coming next year, new game by Visceral coming, new game by Respawn coming, Old Republic still exists, and a mobile game as well
Battlefield 1 - Impressive looking World War 1 action set to dance music.

Did I miss anything? Not a bad conference. I think my favorite thing was that multiplayer Titanfall 2 trailer. It just hit all the right notes, even though I’m more interested in single player.

Also I’m very interested in seeing more Battlefield and FIFA’s single player sports movie campaign.

Bethesda should be in less than 2 hours. If someone finds a youtube link, let us know.

IGN’s Mafia 3 gameplay stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3DaHzBcdQk
Official E3 trailer here.

Bethesda conference live feed anywhere?

Is this it?

You all are doing God’s work sitting through these press conferences to give us the important information. I lasted about 30 seconds with Adam Sessler. Too cringey for me.

Quake Champions…competing with Overwatch?

The video made it seem like a plain Arena shooter and nothing more. But yeah, all the different characters all having different abilities did remind me of Overwatch, albeit with very Quake themed characters. (Except that lady with the blue hair. I don’t remember her in any earlier Quake games).