E3 2018 thread of megaton and dissapointon


Have I watched it? It was literally my most anticipated game coming out of the crappy E3 2017.


Just checking, because your post read to me like sarcasm. Calling 2077 garbage and all.


Looks good to me. NISA is a very mixed bag but their grinding games are usually on the positive side.


Wow, what a weird mishmash. I was sitting uninterested until I realized it was a 2D platformer, with boss fights, and … rice harvesting?


I was charmed by the rice harvesting/processing, less so of the platform stuff.


Yes it’s a combination beat 'em up and farming game so you would probably want to like both to make it worth playing.


NIntendo stream has Starlink on at the moment and it looks amazing. @BrianRubin You should definitely look at this.


But…it’s Switch only isn’t it? And you gotta buy all those doodads to work with it? Right?


All console platforms but all the Star Fox stuff is exclusive to Switch obviously. They just said on stream you can play through the entire game with the starter set but that you’ll obviously love it more if you buy more ships and parts and whatnot. The ships they showed looked like they were really built well. The Arwing in particular was really slick.

They usually put these segments up later as their own video so definitely search it out. There was a ton of gameplay and explanation by the producer and directors of the game. I was impressed!


You probably need to get a Switch anyway at some point. I am no Nintendo fan boy but it is a very good machine with good games. Don’t take their poor press conference as an indication the Switch is in trouble. Its good.


If you gotta buy the toys, then I’ll never play it. Shame.


Oh, I do plan to buy a Switch eventually, but a new PC is a much larger priority. My current rig is rockling a 2009 CPU with a 2013 GPU.


There’s a stream?


Oh for darn sure. A PC comes first, way first!


Hells yeah.


Why the heck are the PC and PS4 versions of DQXI arriving before the Switch version?


I’m wondering how receptive the retail channel is going to be to stocking a lot of TTL doodads after finally getting all those other ones off the shelves (assuming those shelves are still available, right TRU?).


Even though the Switch version was announced first in Japan, the 3DS (which we aren’t getting for reasons that continue to look like made-up garbage - “expand the audience” my ass, you don’t drop a platform that the game already exists on to “expand” the audience, especially when the last real games in the series were on that platform and its predecessor) and PS4 versions came out first, and the Switch version is still in development hell. The excuse we’ve gotten from S-E is that they were waiting for UE4 updates that would improve performance on Switch…except they apparently hadn’t even started development on the Switch version in the first place at that point.


That makes some sense. Middleware issues caused problems with some other titles, like battle chasers. I thought that was resolved at this point, but maybe not.


Yep! Every day of E3!

Treehouse Live.