E3 2019 - Now With 100% Less Sony

This seems to happen every 5 years or so; some company/companies get tired of E3 and want to explore “different options.” We all know they come back. But now there’s a Sony-sized hole in the convention center. And that’s a pretty damn big hole.

Seems unlikely they would do that if there were going to be a new console next year, no?

Next year? Correct. Sony tried to get creative with the last E3 and PSX shows so they could keep their next gen cards close to their chest, and people really did not like the results. I think they’ve decided to just avoid the problem altogether and will wait until they’re ready to blow out all the news and games about PS5 for 2020.

They did E3 this year and opted to not have a PSX. I think next year we definitely get a PSX and that’s where they do the big PS5 reveal/deep dive. E3 has been of questionable value for years now and more and more publishers are doing events outside of it. If you want 100% of the news cycle it’s better to have your own event at a different time than share it with everyone else. It made sense in the past but how these things can be covered has changed a ton over the years.

I feel like this keeps coming up year after year, companies leave, try their own thing, doesn’t work out how they imagine, and then they come back. Basically what Woolen said. Remember the one year when everyone complained about costs and demos, scaled down, and then whined about the lack of excitement and hype or… something.

I loved a reddit comment on this: pretty soon everyone will leave for their own show and THQNordic will buy up the entire floor for pennies on the dollar.

I thought THQNordic already got bought for pennies on the dollar?

THQ did. ;)

Yep. The cycle begins anew.

How early do the companies reveal consoles?

I look forward to the live Nintendo press conference this year…

If PS5 is in 2020, next E3 would be early for a reveal. I would imagine an early 2020 announce and shipping in September.

That makes sense.

This gen it was less than 9 months lead time. Previous gens have had as much as 2 years between announce and launch.

That’s a bummer. Sony’s was one of the few booths where a lay person could actually get their hands on a game. I also liked their use of an app for theater demo reservations the last time I went. There is going to be a big hole in the west hall the ESA will need to fill.