E3 2020 is Canceled

GameStop should capitalize on this this and host little mini-E3s at all their stores for indie developers.

Maybe they’ll just keep it cancelled.

I blame cancel culture.

I blame Culture Club.

Even before COVID-19, people don’t want to go to GameStop. Not sure how this idea would drive traffic.


I blame Club Ninja.

The entire premise of that article is wrong. The purpose in canceling events is so as not to create a bunch of low-risk people who are vectors for a disease that has a far greater chance of killing elderly and medically vulnerable people and overwhelming the healthcare system all at once. We are all likely to get it eventually, we just don’t want to all get it at the same time. Anyhow, there are several topics here about Coronavirus already.

p.s. I just noticed the date on the article. Given the recent reports out of the hospitals in Italy, etc it probably wouldn’t be written today.

Breaking News!

I totally read that as “$4.25 worth of coronovirus content” and did a double take.

All the big deals are streamed anyway.

I mean, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have it, ever – it’s a big deal and tons of fun to see the new games up close, but going all-streaming this year seems like a smart move.

Ha! Given the sanitation practices of most GameStop locations that could be more accurate than any of us would really want to know…

This right here. For those of us not in the “industry,” it’s not an in-person experience. All the regular players could have the same presentations as usual and all that would be missing is the audience reactions.

Man, this landed in early June, right around when my son and I were going to a TOOL concert - I wonder if the concert will still be on and/or if it will be a wise move to go, at that time. Have to play that by ear, I suppose.

E3 is the LA Convention Center’s biggest show. We’re talking tens of millions in economic activity. Maybe even more. Cancellation was necessary, but lots of workers are going to take a hit on this.

They do sell tickets to the general public now, and the one time I got to go it was really a great time, and I hope to go again. But even the year I got a press badge, a lot of the big stuff was by invite only and streamed. The hands-on stuff is super cool and certainly a big deal for those who get to go, but BIG NEWS – console release announcements, for example – can still be streamed just as effectively.

Yeah this is a huge hit.

Hotels, restaurants, taxi/drive-sharing, concession workers. They’re all going to take a huge hit.