E3 content on Xbox Live

Here’s the press release. Looks like there’s potential to get my hands on some demos without faking press credentials and waiting in line. Looking foward to Splinter Cell, BFMEII, Lost Planet demo and curious how much they can outdo Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Aminal Crossing etc. with Viva Pinata.

Pretty cool. Provided it works, maybe this will be a model that will help keep the flood of EB store managers off the show floor.

Read the press release carefully:

“Playable game demos and/or trailers from highly anticipated titles like:”

The only game on the list we know actually has a playable demo is Lost Planet, and that’s because the trailer is already out and says there will be a playable demo on the 9th at the end. I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a lot of those other games as playable demos (but wouldn’t that kick ass?).

I think it’s great that Microsoft is making an effort to really push out a bunch of demos and trailers over Live for the 360 fans that can’t go to E3. Beats getting all sorts of variable-quality, changed-resolution trailers and shakycam footage from half a dozen websites. Now you can get your trailer in consistant HD quality and watch it on your TV, and then go to the websites for news, impressions of gameplay, interviews, etc etc.

yup. I’ve never understood why it is so hard to get direct feed footage of games period.

hopefully this works out well.

Yep, I caught that which is why I mentioned the potential to get some demos. I think the impact of announcing the Fight Night 3 demo the same time it was showed was pretty powerful and it looks like they’re trying to get the same effect.

I’m all for the day to get the information out there on the Internet instead of having to wait in line and brave the crowds. The gaming websites have been doing a good job of it and seeing more content from the publishers is cool as well.

Is G4 doing anything this year?

Doesn’t this kind of go against the “Putting E3 back into a convention for Developers and not end-users” thing?

I thought GDC was for the developers and E3 is for the media and retailers?

Supposedly the MotoGP '06 demo has been close for awhile now. I think it’s likely that will show up next week.

feints Dear… God…

BFMEII is perhaps the most anticipated game in my household. Even my dad, who hate LOTR, thinks it looks fun. (He only plays DOA4… Perv… but its why I love him.)

Also, Gears of War? Hopefully a NEW trailer? THat’d be shiggidy.

This is great that Microsoft is doing this. I always wondered what happened, since the only people to ever put out a non-internet only video of E3 was Electronic Gaming Monthly, so this is pretty shiggidy.

Yep. E3 is an “industry” event (snicker), but it’s not a developer conference, really. It’s the big-business event - where publishers spread their plumage and strut in front of buyers and press, so that everyone builds buzz and drives traffic and gets page impressions and sells SKUs and so on. GDC is a conference about the making of games, and about some of the business realities of selling and marketing them. E3 is there to facilitate said selling and marketing.

The original goal of E3 and stuff like CES was to bring together all the publishers/retailers in one place so you could show what you have for the holiday season. It’s turned into more of a press event over the last ten years.

This is a great idea on Microsoft’s part. Hopefully the content matches expectations…

Cool, hopefully they, you know, make Live downloads not completely worthless by allowing them to happen in the background as has been rumored.