E3 gtg

Ok gang… I’ll take it upon myself to loosely organize something. Or at least be the first to throw out some ideas.

How’s this: at this point, it looks like Ziff Davis and GameSpot are competing for post-show cocktail parties on the Wednesday (the 14th). Assuming that many of us will have obligations to appear at one (or both!) of these parties, let’s make arrangements to meet somewhere closeby afterwards.

The Ziff party is at the Figueroa, while the GameSpot party is at some as-yet undisclosed “downtown” location. I’d rather limit my time at the Figueroa as much as possible… any suggestions? There’s a great sports bar a couple blocks away IIRC.

Though I don’t post much here, I think the general conversation is interesting… Whatever you guys decide I’ll follow along… since I’m only 20. ;)

I really don’t know LA all that well. I’m in, whatever the case may be, though.

Five bucks says the undisclosed location is the bar on the roof of The Standard Hotel.

My office is in downtown, so if we can get an idea of how many people and what people want (dinner, just beer, whatever) then I can have my secretary find someplace suitable. She knows far more places around there than I do.

Ugh, downtown… all those one-way-streets and it’s even harder to get parking than most parts of LA. Still, I might be interested in coming along if non-industry-scenesters are allowed. :wink:

Here’s hoping some of you guys shoot some bootleg video of the Half Life 2 booth…

This will be my first time in Cali. Are there any places near the convention center that would be best?

Perhaps we should exchange cell phone numbers?

Count me in. I’ll be there.

Okay… this is like… waaaaaay out there… But anyway, two bands I really like are playing on the 16th in Carlsbad, CA. It’s apparently about 90 miles from LA (towards San Diego). The bands are Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. Both are sort of punk/reggae/ska bands (if you’ve heard anything by Sublime, you have a decent idea of the sound). Anyone living in LA (or anyone renting a car or something) want to go? :)
No idea how much tickets would be (probably like 15 bucks or something)… nyeh?

Band sites:


Try to find these songs for a taste of the music:

Too Much

Slightly Stoopid
Cool Down
Mellow Mood
(this stuff is all off their acoustic album… their other stuff is more punky)

Update: new slightly stoopid album clips

It isn’t that clsoe to downtown, but anyone looking for a neat bar should hit Mr. T’s Bowl. It’s eh… above silverlake somewhere. Great great place.

I’ll be there Wed-Fri. I have to go to the CGW party for a bit on Wed., but can skip out after 1/2 hour. Thurs. evening is wide open for me.


Loyd Case


I’ll roll with ya if we can find a means of getting there.

Also, I dig the music!!!

Yeah, my only issue is finding a way to get there heh. We fly out early the next morning, but I don’t care. These guys’ll never come up to Canada heh.

Wednesday night it is. Thanks for stepping up, Gladguy.

Looks like all we might need is a headcount, if 'tanker’s assistant can find us something local. Ironically, I know downtown better through years of E3 than I do from living here for a year.

I can scout around beforehand, if need be as well.

My only issue is getting some of you guys to pass out the E3 tickets already.

Wednesday, with the blessing of Supertanker’s assistant sounds best.

BTW, just got my invite for the IGN party. Guess what night that one is, too. :roll: Sounds like it’s pick one (IGN/GameSpot/ZD), pound down a couple quick ones then meet the Qt3 gang for dinner on Wednesday!

Check you out, big pimpin’

Anyway, I’m up for it. I’m flying down there in my private jet(uhh) so I won’t have transport while I’m down there, so hopefully it’s something around downtown. I’m staying at the Wilshire Royale Howard Johnson (holy god, that sounds cheezy).

Royale with Cheese!

I’ll be there.

In case it wasn’t clear from my earlier message, definitely count me in.

Loyd Case

I’m in as well.

I’m in. Looking forward to meeting all y’all.