E3 Press Conference Commentary: 2006 Edition

So, I plan on doing the running commentary thing this year again with the pre-expo press conferences. But Microsoft’s feed last year was so slammed that it was mostly buffering. This year, I plan on using GameSpot’s feed, but I’m not so sure that will be any better.

First up is Sony’s tomorrow. Does anyone know if Sony themselves are providing a video feed of their conference, or will I just have to hope for the best with GameSpot?

I swear to god I’ve heard of some other, surprisingly small site doing live video feeds this year. If I can think of where I saw that I’ll pop back in and say so. (Not our sites, lest there be confusion of subtlety.)

Anyone have the list of events for E3? I saw one that included the times of the pre-E3 press conferences but can’t seem to find the site again.

Nintendo’s wireless network is already up at the Kodak.

Tuesday night 2K Games VIP party
Wednesday night Activision/BestBuy Access E3 party at House of Blues
Intel Wednesday night too
Thursday night is the GameTap party with a bus afterwards to the Sony party.
Where’s the Sony party and how do I get into it?

Is there anyway to get an invite to the GameTap or Escapist parties? :)