E3 Quote Whoring

Trust Edge to provide a Ste Curran-esque ‘postcard from E3’. Some nice quotes in there.

And what is next, of course, is E3. Over before it’s already begun, in many ways, with the briefings over, and decisions already made about who’s won and who’s lost - all before anyone’s had time to play and time to think.

That goes for all the people here, who didn’t even see the presentations before making their decision.

I think I’m resubbing to Edge. Good read.

I do wish someone from one of the big three would talk like that. Reggie would do a good job with it:

“$599? Hell no. $399? You’ve got to be kidding me. $199? Now that’s what I’m talking about. Bitches.”

I did find the winner, for me at least.

“________ delivers the ultimate [platform] gaming experience.”

Not quite what this thread asks for, but by far the best Wii joke I’ve seen yet. From Eurogamer:

I have watched Hideo Kojima take a wee. Now, I expect there are two possibilities going through your head, here, one; that I’m making some kind of juvenile joke about Hideo Kojima picking up a Wii controller, which he didn’t do, so that one’s out, or two; that Hideo Kojima has some kind of a weird urine fetish and let his basest desires take hold during the Konami Pre-show press conference. No, no that one either. The actual fact is that I just happened to be waiting behind him in the line for the sole urinal in the toilet of the LA public library that held this year’s event. I wasn’t really paying attention, I swear, I was just a bit shocked when he turned around and was… Hideo Kojima.


I was just a bit shocked


o  o