E3 Season 2021: Virtual shows and trailers

It’s E3 Season again! Yay!

So here’s the schedule, as far as I know so far. I can adjust this post later if there’s corrections to be made or other things to add:

June 10th (Thu): Geoff Keighley’s Summer Gamefest (Sony and EA should be part of this, along with many others)
June 12th (Sat): Ubisoft and Gearbox
June 13th (Sun): Microsoft/Bethesda 90 minute showcase starts at 10am PDT
Also Sunday: Square Enix, PC Gaming Show, Future Gaming Show, Warner Bros and more.
June 14th (Mon): Take Two and Capcom, among others
June 15th (Tue): Nintendo Direct (40 Minute) 9am PDT, followed by 3 hour treehouse stream showing gameplay footage. Namco Bandai and others will be a part of the E3 stream this day.
June 26th (Sat): Lego Con 90 minute stream.

Of course, I don’t count only those particular dates as E3, as some people seem to. There’s usually lots of new game announcements leading up to those dates, because some publishers smartly don’t want to be drowned in a sea of other announcements and get lost in there. I think the new Battlefield game, for instance, will be announced on June 9th, a day before the Summer Gamefest thing, and I’m sure there will be other announcements the next few days. Feel free to post trailers and things here, as well as in their own threads, of course.

Edit: Eurogamer made a nice conference table that I’ll use as an image.

As well as items where they don’t know the exact time yet:


Perfect example of early E3 announcements, not wanting to get drowned in the show.

Sony has been fostering some indies in Spain, and they announced a bunch of games yesterday coming to PS4 & PS5.

I haven’t checked out the trailers yet, but here they are. (Courtesy Pure Playstation).

Clid the Snail:


The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo

The Library of Babel

Do Not Open



Inner Ashes

Operation Highjump

Aeterna Noctis

A Tale of Paper (PS5 version and DLC)

Ahh I have fond memories of wandering the floor of the mid-2000s E3s, looking for those hidden gems like NHL Hitz. Watching videos isn’t as fun :D

Apparently they are going to release some kind of app that is supposed to be the equivalent of roaming the floor of E3, finding things. I haven’t been able to find any details.

They just mention that there will be virtual “exhibitor booths”. We’ll see I guess.

Edit: Btw, I went to E3 in 2001. 90% of the time I was bored out of mind on both days that I went.

Lego Con will be later than all the others. June 26th.

Library of Babel looks cool, reminds me of ‘Flashback’.

One of the big rumors is that 2K will announce a Firaxis game with Marvel characters, sort of an XCOM with the MCU. The other rumor is a Borderlands 3 spinoff with Tina Tina.

Disappointed. I guess the next Saints Row is still pretty far away.

Valve will be at the PC Gamer E3 stream/show featuring a “message from Valve regarding Steam Next Fest.”

I added the Eurogamer schedule table to the original post in this thread. This starts today!

Today is the “Playdate Update”, which starts in about 2.5 hours. Playdate, remember is that new handheld console with a crank.


Yeah, now that I’ve watched them all, Library of Babel looks the most interesting to me. Followed by Clid the Snail, which kind of reminds me of the Lara Croft action games (not Tomb Raider).

According to that handy chart in the OP, Summer Game fest starts in about 35 minutes or so. Does anyone have the official link handy?

EDIT: Ah here we go, found the Youtube feed.

It’s happening! I can’t do audio at work, so I’m doing closed captioning.

New game from Gearbox & 2K? featuring dragons.

Oh I see, it’s a Borderlands spinoff thing. What game do I have to play to know who Tiny Tina is? Borderlands 2 right?

Yeah 2, but this specifically looks like a riff on one of the DLCs where she runs a D&D style campaign.

Neat, Metal Slug Tactics.

Not a very informative interview with Kojima. But I do appreciate that he always thinks about what message he wants the players to learn when playing his game. That reminds me I have Death Stranding installed. I should fire it up. Maybe right after I finish Supraland.

Is this DLC?

Edit: Director’s Cut apparently.

If ever there was a game that didn’t need a director’s cut, it’s Death Stranding. But presumably it’s mainly PS5 upgrades.

Is that Goldblum, or a Goldblum imitator?

There’s a Japanese Breakfast?