E3 Season 2021: Virtual shows and trailers

Links Awakening is well regarded, enough so that Nintendo remade it in 3d recently.

Zelda 2 is a bit of an odd duck, in that it’s mostly a side scroller, so it doesn’t feel like any of the other Zelda games. It’s quite hard as well.

I’m sad that it doesn’t include the Nelsonic Zelda watch game.

Yeah. It’s generally not liked by Zelda “purists” (whatever that means) but I’m a big fan. I like that they went a more traditional RPG route with levels for your health, magic, and damage and even locked the final spell behind maxing your magic level. Of course there are some issues with the experience system - and you can screw yourself over pretty hard if you don’t know what you’re doing - but on the whole it’s a unique Zelda experience that’s worth trying out.

So what’s left for E3 2021? Have we seen all the good stuff?

Happy read that MS has some more stuff tomorrow, but I’d say most of the good stuff has been seen.

Elex 2 is coming:

That is uncannily close to the trailer The Outer Worlds 2 was parodying.

Eurogamer’s favorites from what was shown at E3. A few here that I’d missed.

AoE 4 definitely has me reminiscing. I’m sure I’ll pick that one up/GamePass it.

A lot of interesting concepts, and a few games that I’m really excited about.

Just like Xbox is releasing tons of time limited demos this week instead of showing games on the E3 game floor, Steam is doing the same thing.

Get em while they’re hot.

And call out any good demos you try or hear about please.

I’m going to try WRC 10 on the “E3 showfloor” on my PC. Just to see what the upcoming iteration will look like.

I tried WRC 10 last night. Not worth the download. Croatia and Estonia tracks are kind of boring tracks. Spain is more interesting.

But all in all, not a very pretty game, it still looks like previous WRC games, so it’s adequate. It’s just nothing exciting.

Watching the Xbox extra thingy right now. I had no idea that Chet Faliszek was involved in Anacrusis. That certainly makes the game more interesting to me.

Quick link for those that need it:

Thanks for linking that!

This is really fantastic so far. Talking to the developers about the game, so it’s not just a series of trailers like the main show.

The Psychonauts 2 goes really deep and reveals a lot of the setup of the story. I’m not sure if I wanted to know that much, but I’m going to trust Tim Shafer and hopefully all this is fairly early in the game, so I’m okay with knowing all this, I think.

Now I’m looking at the section with Chet talking about Anacrusis.

Best thing is learning what an anacrusis is.

Awww is that the game Chet was hilariously tweeting about? I had hoped it was a single-player narrative driven thing.

I got through the Battlefield 2042 section. I gotta say, after listening to that developer talk about Doha, and the game in general, this is a really ambitious game they’re building. I am very skeptical that they can actually create these kind of amazing moments he’s talking about in a multiplayer game, even with all the design elements he’s mentioning, but hey, it will join EA Play eventually and Game Pass, so I’ll definitely try it out. Maybe they will actually succeed.

I think I missed the earlier reveal of Anacrusis. Interest is definitely piqued. Seems like we are entering a new Left 4 Dead style Renaissance era.

For Stalker 2 they had a cool detail where one of the Stalkers sitting around the fire in the trailer was Sergiy Grygorovych, founder of GSC and the STALKER series.

The last of the E3 showcases listed in the OP starts in about 90 minutes. They might have some pre-show stuff too. Here’s the official feed, I think, for EA Play:

Live action trailer for Sims 4 Cottage Living was cute.

Edit: Lost in Random looks awesome. Sort of a Alice in Wonderland crossed with Psychonauts?