E3 Season 2022: Summer Game Fest and more

Ok, Sony kicked things off a couple of days ago with their State of Play.

We got to check out some footage from PS VR2 games including their big headliner, the Horizon VR game. We also got to see a Resident Evil 4 Remake is in the works, and Street Fighter 6 was announced, and a few other things.

Here’s the whole thing: Link

Next up we had the “Acquire Game Show”. I have no idea what that is, but the video is here:

After that we had the “Limited Run” showcase yesterday. Link

Next up, today we will have Sonic Central at 9am PT/Noon ET. Replay Link here.

But things will really kick off with the Summer Game Fest on Thursday:

Upload VR showcase, June 9th at 11am ET Link
Summer Game Fest, June 9th at 2pm ET. Replay link here. Day of the Dev indie showcase starts at 1:55:40.
Devolver Direct showcase, June 9th at 6pm ET (Replay link here.
Netflix Gaming stream, June 10th (Friday) at 1pm ET
Epic Game Store Summer Showcase, June 10th at 2pm ET
Tribeca Games spotlight, June 10th at 3pm ET
Guerilla Collective stream, June 11th (Saturday) at 11am ET
Wholesome Games Direct stream, June 11th at 12:30 ET
Future Games Show stream, June 11th at 3pm ET
Xbox and Bethesda showcase, June 12 (Sunday) at 1pm ET
PC Gaming Show stream, June 12th at 3:30pm ET
Capcom Showcase stream June 13th (Monday) at 6pm ET

If others are announced I’ll add them here.

Oh, there’s a few I missed, I’ll add them to the OP later, but here’s more:

Upload VR showcase, June 9th at 11am ET
Tribeca Games spotlight, June 10th at 3pm ET

Sonic Central in one hour. Maybe we get to see more of that horrible Sonic game!

Sony one didn’t do much for me, as I can’t possibly justify another VR headset. The cat game still looks interesting, but who knows if it will be any good.

Yeah, the Sony show was very underwhelming.

A lot of re-releases, Tunic was announced for some reason, even though it has been out a while on other platforms.

It felt weird, there was a lot of stuff that was not that exciting, like a PC port of Spider Man etc.

The big things were Street Fighter 6, which I am not a fighting game person so, not exciting.

The FF16 stuff was interesting though, looks like a much more low tech fantasy world that the previous few FF games.

Stray looked cool, but we already saw that before.

I mean, this is the pandemic slow-down right now. Stuff that should have started 2020-2021 would be showing now, and studios got delayed a lot by switching to WFH etc.

Probably didn’t need to dedicate big screen time to a dating sim brawler.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain could be really neat. I still feel the siren call of VR. Of course, if I go for Sony’s VR, then I won’t be able to experience Flight Sim in VR. And probably not be able to play Half Life: Alyx on it either.

On the other hand, maybe Sony will bring its VR games to PC? So then maybe PC will be the VR platform with access to everything?

I think Alyx will probably end up on PSVR. Seems unlikely Valve would leave that money on the table, as well as avoiding putting all their VR eggs in one, seemingly dying basket.

Conversely, I’d be surprised if Sony put its VR games on PC. It’s just too niche an audience compared to Quest. Moss came over, of course, but that was third party, and back when there were more PCVR headsets than Quests. Moss Book II is PSVR/Quest 2 only.

Here’s the IGN stream of Sonic Central:

That was pretty short! I guess this is a good time for a Sonic blitz with Sonic Origins, Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Prime (animated Netflix series) and Sonic merchandise. (Oh and a Sonic music concert with an orchestra and a rock band).

Oh yeah, the weirdest thing to me in that presentation was that there’s a Sonic game coming out on Roblox. So I guess it really is a platform for games if even a big Publisher like Sega is bringing games to it.

I saw an article surprised that nothing had leaked from the E3-ish events this year. Maybe it’s because there’s just nothing worth leaking? Sony’s presentation was a yawner. I’ve been gone from MS for so long that everything I knew about under NDA has shipped already or is the ever-delayed Starfield, but given all the delays I’m expecting a bunch of indie gamepass titles and Halo season news and look more Sea of Thieves yay.

EA has unveiled a new Madden and a sequel to a Star Wars game I loved but still haven’t finished because I suck at jumping puzzles.

I want to be back in the 90s at E3, meeting the Babylon 5 cast for the amazing game Sierra’s working on, trying to talk Dynamix into adding my favorite planes in their next Aces game, and seeing Bungie’s new Halo game that’s coming to the Mac.

The Sony thing was great for a State of Play, compare it to others of those. It was not an E3 type event, it was one third or less the time Sony gives those and the SoP was almost exclusively focused on 3rd party, no first party stuff outside of the VR game and Spider-Man PC announcement.

They likely will have a first party thing later this year, they’ve basically broken away from the E3 marketing schedule.

15 minutes of gameplay footage from Lego Bricktales.

Makes me think: Oh yeah, a Lego game in which you use lego pieces to build stuff and solve puzzles. That seems like a no-brainer idea.

If you haven’t played Lego Builder’s Journey yet, you should do so. It’s pretty similar to what Bricktales seems to be doing, but a bit more stripped down.

Along with E3, comes Steam Next Fest. Lots of limited time demos on Steam. I noticed Lego Bricktales will be one of the games.

Oh, nice.

We’re not liveblogging this thing?? That Aliens game looks interesting.

I’m at work, but I can watch afterward.

Let us know if there’s interesting stuff going on!

The Callisto Protocol looks SO GOOD.