E3 Season 2022: Summer Game Fest and more

also wonder if sentient aliens will show up

They put starfield after the 12 months claim.

It’s not really a type of game I get super excited about anymore, but it certainly looks good enough that I’ll be there day one. I guess that still counts for something.

Well, that was pretty much the Starfield show, plus a bunch of other stuff for me. Luckily it looks to be shaping up to be something special.

Starfield looks fucking incredible.

Pentiment looks embarrassing.

What’s left? Looks like PC Gaming in 45 minutes and then Capcom tomorrow.

I can’t believe those early rumours about Starfield pretty much all turned out to be true. Hundreds of planets. Space Combat. Unbelievable.

And for the people comparing it No Man’s Sky, I just want to remind you that the space combat and ground combat in that game doesn’t feel good at all. That’s the main reason I stopped playing it, and it’s something they haven’t really changed in their years of updates. So Starfield will hopefully nail those aspects.

People’s faces still look terrible though. Still the same old Bethesda faces.

Sigh, you could totally ignore settlement building in Fallout 4 and I suspect you can do the same in this game. Complaining about a totally optional part of gameplay seems strange.

First thing I noticed! Faces are important. Uncanny valley and all that.

I am shocked that there was nothing about Obsidian’s Avowed - or did I miss that? Everyone was pretty certain this would be shown. Also disappointed there are no Fallout remasters/remakes.

Kind of funny that there was zero Halo or Gears content, maybe a first for an Xbox presentation?

Because of the 12 month thing. Remember, they only started making Avowed in 2019 or 2020, so it’s still early in development.

Also rumbles that Avowed is in development hell with several project lead changes already.

PC Gaming show has started.


I’ll watch even though I don’t really have a gaming PC.

This looks like a Zelda Breath of the Wild type game maybe?

Doesn’t look like the game will have the seamless surface to space travel.

Huh, looks like Castle Crashers.

True, same with travel between systems.

I’m ok with that!