E3 Season 2022: Summer Game Fest and more

soulsticegame.com crashed under the load to sign up for the demo, hah.

“Tactical Breach Wizards” is one of the best names for pretty much anything I have ever heard.

Tactical Breach Wizards looks pretty fun, I have to admit. I laughed at the dialog too.

Oh yeah, The Invincible! Been looking forward to this one!

I don’t remember The Invincible at all. I must have missed an early trailer. This looks great so far though.

I made a thread for it!

Fluent translation!

The robot going around in circles reminds me of one of the stories in I, Robot.

Ah, hardware porn. Now I remember why I am not primarily a pc gamer.

Scorn just grosses me out, I have no desire to play this.

I do think Flintlock looks pretty promising.

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched this show. I forgot about the commercials.

The commercials make this very hard to watch.

The Alters could be interesting.

Did Tom put a date on it? I’ve been anticipating this pretty much since Heat Signature came out.

I don’t remember, sorry.

Oh shit! Shodan!

This System Shock remake looks really nice.

Agreed, it’s been a long long time, but they’ve stuck with it, and the payoff looks to be worth it.

I feel so sorry for these guys, saddled with this crap Warhammer 40K backstory that they have to try to make interesting somehow. (Talking about Space Marine 2).

That’s the beauty of the games though, you don’t need to know anything about the lore to enjoy stomping enemies flat. I can attest to that personally.