E3 Season 2022: Summer Game Fest and more

Hold on, yesterday’s kids have already moved on to making PSX games. We can’t go back to N64 with a Goldeneye shooter.

Agent 64 is a really clever way of getting around IP issues.

Agreed, queued that demo up right away. Nobody has quite been able to capture that Rare N64 shooter magic but they really are leaning into it.

Also, is actual Victoria 3 footage coming up?!?

I liked the pc gaming show a fair bit.
You will say “doh, you are a pc gamer Turin, so of course you liked it more…” but in reality, I thought they were kind of weak the past years. I think they had a better lineup this year.

Which trailers did you like from the show?

Some games that looked nice

Rotwood didn’t look that interesting, but hey it’s from Klei, who does good stuff

Another one for my roguelite thread!

This Spellforce game looks like a traditional tactical TBS game, and it may be better for it than the original Spellforce games

It isn’t clear what is going to be the gameplay, but hey, it has good pedigree and original setup

A deckbuilder which isn’t a roguelite, but instead it plays in a big hex 3d map world

Wartales isn’t new, but I thought it was interested they are adding coop, as the other games in this subgenre are traditional single player affairs.

A city builder at the bottom of the sea, looks cool

This game went to places in the trailer. I don’t like how the sprites looks, but I can look past that for the craziness of the rest of the game

A “CK like” that looks lovely

System Shock has a very well cut trailer. It hyped me.

Very interesting looking grand strategy ‘hard’ scifi game

I never played Goldeneye, but hey this looks retro fun!

Sequel to Delives us the Moon

It’s the season of the city builders with a cool setting as twist. First undersea city, and this one fantasy tibetean one:

Thief with Guns

Promising city sim-builder with a focus on AI driven emergent stories

Anno-like? It has a similar art style

This looks super interesting. It seem a city (colony) builder + some adventure elements in a strange planet with delicious Moebius looking art

Finishing up with a HL Alyx mod was an interesting decision for sure. It looks great, though. Then again, it was a power move showing off how pc gaming is this pc gamer show, lol.

I was writing the list, look now!

Thanks for doing this, didn’t have time to watch today.

It turns out I didn’t miss much. I must have finally given up near the end. I caught up now with the trailers for Laysara: Summit Kingdom, Gloomwood and the Half Life: Alyx mod. Well, I tried to watch the HL: Alex mod footage, but just like with all the VR game footage this weekend, it immediately unsettled my stomach and I couldn’t watch anymore.

VR footage hasn’t done that to me before, I don’t think. But then, I guess I haven’t watched much VR footage before.

From the Gloom wood trailer, it looks like they’re somehow still using the graphics engine from Thief as well.

Well, I finally got to watch the Xbox showcase - I was at work all morning while it was running. I feel like MS decided it had exactly one goal with the conference, to put paid to the line lately that GP has nothing coming out in the next year, and they accomplished that. Not everything was to my taste, but they pretty much hit all the buttons- if you play video games at all, there must have been something in there for you (except sports? unless you count Forza…).

Highlights for me:

  • I’m curious to see more of that Civ game. But Humankind is coming to console and GP, so I wonder how it’ll differentiate itself.

  • Flintlock looks like it’ll scratch that 3rd-person action game itch that Sony seems to dominate (but with a touch of that last Prince of Persia game from years ago?). Wasn’t the Siege of Dawn the final raid in Anthem, though?

  • and of course Starfield, but that’s a ways off (I may be reading too much into it, but that segment opened with the subtitle “May 07, 2303”, so I’m guessing 5/7/23 is the targeted release date).

  • and hey, it wasn’t shown at the MS event, but that image up thread has The Callisto Protocol coming to GP? is that just PC, on on Xbox, too?

No, if you look closely at the individual games in the image, some say “Game Pass” at the top and some don’t. Callisto Protocol does not.

Doh! I didn’t read the header, and just assumed it was all GP games. I thought that’d be a weird one to come to GP, as it was first shown off at the Sony show last week.

Yeah, the entire pitch of the trailer was exactly what Humankind has been promoting…

This seems an useful site:

From the MS showcase, some comments, as I didn’t have enough time before:

Redfall: It looks just okay, but hey, I like the genre (I had a blast with Vermintide 2 and DRG).
Hollow Knight Skillsong: Maybe I’m not as hyped for it as some HK fans, but I still liked the first game and I will play this.
A Plague Tale Requiem: It seems slightly more ambitious than the first game. I actually didn’t care for the first game, it was sooo linear and without anything interesting decision making for the player, but I will give the series a second chance with this.
Overwatch 2: well, I will play some hours. It’s free.
Ara History Untold: I’m always interested in possible competitors in the Civilization subgenre of strategy that can offer a somewhat different approach. Humankind didn’t seem it did it so well in the end, let’s see this one.
Scorn: maybe the constant gross HR Giger look will get tiring after the first hours of game, but for now, it looks interesting and unique enough to want to play it.
Flinklock Siege of Dawn: a very much needed third person action game to compensate the several FPS that MS offers.
Lightyear Frontier: i mean… it’s another survival/crafting game. But it was so pleasing to look at!
The Last Case of Benedict Fox: one of the surprises of the show: Lovecraftian Metrodvania.
As Dusk Falls: One of the worst things I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know why I would play this instead of watching a good real tv series.
Pentiment: A Josh Sawyer game. I don’t know. The art style is perhaps a bit too faithful to the medieval manuscripts?
Grounded: it’s getting out of EA. Maybe it’s time to look into it? How is the single player experience?
Erean Shadow Legacy: An action/stealth game. It looks competent enough?
Diablo 4: A secret, I have never been a Diablo guy. I haven’t played any of them for hundreds of hours, unlike many fans. But hey, it’s included in Gamepass so I will try it.
Ravenlok : A cool looking third person action/adventure game in the world of Alice? Cool art style, combining what it seems to be normal scenarios with voxel enemies, and in general a very colorful look.
Cocoon: from the Inside/Limbo creator. It looks more puzzle centric than those games. I will play it.
Wu Long: Not interested. It looks somewhat last gen?
Starfield: well yeah, I will play this. :) More comments on the Starfield thread.

Hah hah yeah, it’s a bit like Dusk in that regard (which is also from the same indie publisher).

Some more stuff.

This a teaser teaser, too short to judge, but potentially look like First Person Dead Space?

This is just hilarious

The art of this 2d action/platformer is good, although the combat isn’t looking hot

Isometric stealth

This looks a nice 3d platformer/puzzle

Another 2d action game with lovely style. I think the fact you a flying gal gives it a different style than so many other platformers, where you know, you have to jump between platforms ant try not to fall

For Blasphemous fans?

A Portal clone. I like the subgenre.

Made by a Spanish team! It seems to have both 3d and 2d sections.

A horror game, that seems to be more than the typical jump scares.

I watch the presentation and of course saw the expansion or whatever it’s called for Fallout 76. Do you think the future of Fallout is going to be exclusively add-ons for this as opposed to single player games? If so it makes me sort of sad.

I mean… they can only make one bigass single player RPG at a time. They are doing Starfield and the next one will be Elder Scrolls. It seems they need 5-6 years per project so well, there is no good solution. Imagine Elder Scrolls fans, who have been waiting a new game since Skyrim.

Overall, science fiction space games seem very common at this year’s presentations. Not only the 4 or so Dead Space type games coming out, but other space games like the aliens RTS, the other space RTS from last night’s show, the ex-Bizzard folk doing Stormfront, a space RTS, Deliver Us Mars actually looked pretty exciting as a space adventure, as did The Invincible, and Starfield is a space adventure RPG of course, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some.