E3 Season started early in 2023?

Edit: May 24, 2023 update:
Here’s a schedule of the conferences.


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I’m used to seeing the “Future Games Show” during E3 or Summer Games Fest, not in the Spring. But apparently they had a show yesterday. They have a youtube page on which they’ve gathered all their trailers that you can play in a sequence, or individually, here:

Or here’s the whole thing:

Or if you prefer a written round up that you’re reading at work, here’s that:

Anyway, I’ll probably move this post down to a second post once we get closer to E3, so I can post a list of showcases and whatnot, so I’ll reserve another post after this one.

Reserved Post.

I think it’s just timed with PAX East. I wouldn’t expect a lot of big announcements.

It’s been half-dead for a few years now, but yeah, RIP E3.

That is disappointing. I enjoyed E3.

From a consumer perspective, “E3” is still basically going to be happening. There are still going to be press conferences from the platform holders and major publishers at the same time as E3 would have happpened. Journalists/streamers will be seeing new games and reporting on them. There’s just not going to be a show floor.

Here’s the known schedule so far for E3 season:

It kicks off with Summer Game fest on June 8th.

Then Xbox Showcase is on June 11th.

Ubisoft Show is on June 12th.

I know, but it won’t really be the same.

Rumor is that Sony will hold its showcase early before Summer Games Fest this year. Maybe the week of May 25th.

Rumors were right. Sony coming in first before everyone else, next week.


Wednesday afternoon though? I guess I’ll have to watch it after work and experience it live here at Qt3 through your comments.

PAX is on life support too. This is the first year I didn’t go to Pax East since 2012. Granted, I was in Spain at the time so I couldn’t go, but 2022 was awful and reports about 2023 were just as bad. There’s no more big games, just lots of vendors selling dice and computer parts.

Humble Games had a showcase today.

I haven’t watched it yet. I hope to squeeze it in between tasks tonight. Humble has published some neat games lately.

Wow, really? That I did not expect. They got so many locations still!


Games Sony will be showcasing. Hades II and Spider-Man 2!

That humble showcase wasn’t really worth watching. Better to just read a text summary of each game like this one.

So I guess this thing starts in about 4 hours.

Very excited for Hades 2, but I don’t know if I need to see any of it. I already know I’m in - once early access is over.

I wonder if we’ll see Machine Games’ Indiana Jones game this season. Curious what that will be

e: there are rumors about a MGS3 remake being unveiled, but idk. Konami picked trash dev Bloober and handed them Silent Hill, so who knows down which toilet they’d stick their hand to get someone to do Metal Gear

3 Minutes. Anyone watching? I’ll try to watch without sound on one of my work monitors while I work on the other one.