E3 Season started early in 2023?

Well, they’re following a glitter trail (like in the games), playing the Fable soundtrack, and end up at a TV showing the logo for the Xbox Showcase date and logo. I think we can call that a confirmation. That said, will it be actual, you know, gameplay? Who knows.

On a related topic, looking at that glitter strewn through a house was a little triggering. I was married to a burlesque dancer years ago, and man, that shit gets everywhere. I swear, years later, living in a completely different house after we’d separated, I was still finding it covering my shit.

If by fixed you mean removed most of it, yeah. Miles Morales felt like a DLC. It was super short. I enjoyed the heck out of it, but it was significantly shorter than the first Spider-Man.

I’m going to die with no good stories, I just know it.

If you’re into watching trailers for conferences, here’s one for Ubisoft Forward on June 12th.

They’ll be showing off Avatar, AC: Mirage, The Crew Motorfest and the unannounced game.

I wonder if there’s any chance of seeing the new Star Wars game that Massive is working on?

No Mr. Caffeine, no sale.

It feels like Capcom just had their last showcase.

It seems now the “E3” starts for real, from today onwards we have conferences or showcases every day, until June 13th:


Well, Guerrilla Collective Online Showcase, I remember that being very disappointing last year and not being worth watching. So really, the Summer Games Fest Showcase is the one that really kicks things off tomorrow.

But hey, if the Guerrilla people have something interesting to show this year, that’ll be cool.

So many shows, and most of them are gonna have a tiny audience I expect.
Personally I am only going to watch keighley and spencer shows.

Last year’s Day of the Dev, played host by folks from Double Fine, was worth watching too. I wonder if Double Fine folks will be back in that one tomorrow?

The fps Abyssus looks neat. Crazy that we don’t see many games in the fps genre anymore, so anything new always catches my eye.

Games worthy to investigate more.

Europa, pretty open world? puzzle game

Abyssus, Gunfire Reborn clone (fps roguelite with 4 player coop)

Remnant 2

HammerWatch 2


Leximan (typing game + Undertale?)

World of Horror


FPS roguelite are ‘in’: apart from Abyssus, we have Battle Shapers, DeadLink

Blood West

Jumplight Odyssey

Pizza Possum (for local coop!)


Some of the indie devs brazenness is a sight to behold. I laughed when the Papers Please! clone dev said that eventually you are asked to join a rebel group as part of the story. Wow, what a twist guys.

I caught a couple of things in between tasks at work. Remnant 2 definitely feels out of place as the only game that felt like a triple-A game in this bunch. That Corgi game that’s like a 3D mario platformer made me laugh, that could be a cool one to play with my son. Lake getting a sequel set during a snowy christmas season in the same town made me laugh. Brilliant.

The timing is so bad tomorrow. Why have a major showing on a weekday when most people will be at work? I guess maybe the show’s timing is there with Europe in mind, since people have gotten home from work over there?

You don’t have to watch it live.

True, but it’s more fun to watch it along with everyone else at Qt3 if possible. We’ll see how my workload is today around that time. If I can get most of my work done by then, I might put on some headphones and watch on my phone.

Well I for one am glad it’s not at 3AM as it so often is.