E3 Season started early in 2023?

Oh good. @Lordkosc’s What games are you looking forward to in 2027 thread was going to feel like a joke thread until now.

Dragon’s Dogma is one of those games I can’t actually recommend to anyone. If it works for you, it works. Even I was a bit tired of it by the end.

Marathon is a PvP extraction shooter with no single player campaign. Well, that kills my interest.

Spider-Man 2, huh. I thought they were doing a Wolverine game? Is that after this one? Hrm

How can Bungie bring back Marathon and not make a Mac version? Frog blast the vent core!

Helldivers always had capes! In fact, it was a cape spinning simulator first, co-op shooter second.

I’m corrected!

That handheld is going to have to be insanely cheap to justify its existence. Really disappointing after the PSP and Vita, which were amazing hardware.

I’ll be curious to see if it runs android and allows side loading. As is it is just an option for people who want it. I’ve frequently heard of screen play was the best thing about the WiiU.

In any case, I doubt they bet the company on its success.

It does seem like it would make more sense to just sell a Dualsense version of those phone controllers like the Backbone or the Kishi. Most people already have a small high quality screen they can use for streaming.

Either that or someone would have to REALLY want an 8" screen. There are already other options out there for 7" handhelds with 1080p screens that can remote play PS5 plus do more like the G Cloud or the ABXYlute. There is absolutely no reason to get this unless you really want that extra 1" of screen or just really like the look/feel of the controller.

I mean, you can stream games to your steam deck right?

Most of the presentation was pretty meh. A lot of stuff was just CG teasers, disappointing that Marathon is going to be GaaS title. Couple neat things in there. Sword of the Seas looks great, Talos Principle 2 is cool… but no gameplay. Plucky Squire looks amazing. MGS3 remake? … ok… Towers of Aghasba looks cool, but also on PC. FF16 is… I don’t know what to think.

Fairgames$ is the most hilarous concept for a game, let’s steal from billionaires and fight eachother while doing so, while this GaaS is trying to extract maximum profits from us.

Faomstars is blatant, and looks terrible when compared to Splatoon.

Way too much CG teaser trailer in this showcase.


Screenshot 2023-05-25 091619

Last year’s Game Awards were heavily on Sony announcements IIRC. I think maybe Sony held back some of their announcements for that show? Or, like I said upthread, the pandemic and games just taking longer to make, things are not quite ready yet.

Xbox’s reply was pretty good


Not a ton of exclusives shown during the PS5 stream.

I guess I was expecting a few more of these to be console exclusive, but then again, these are mostly 3rd party titles, so having them stuck on PS5 is not going to be great for sales.

I mean, fuck, I guess people are going to have to buy a PS5 for Foamstars.

Heh, I saw that response. Pretty good, but I’d say their own show next month had better follow up with some (probably 1st-party) exclusives to really make it count.

My understanding is that Xbox has some random preshow leading into the Starfield main event.

I was underthe impression that they were doing their usual E3-style presentation for an hour, then devoting another hour to Starfield. Is that what you meant by ‘random preshow’? Or am I off base?

It was a joke, yes they’ll do their standard Xbox/Bethesda/whatever show with a lot of games, like Sony did. I really only care about Starfield though.

So much pressure on Starfield