E3 Season started early in 2023?

Aha, gotcha, sorry I missed the joke.

But back to the Sony/Xbox thing. The silence from the usual Sony folks who crow about how ‘Xbox has an exclusives problem’ after 80+% of Sony’s own presentation was non-exclusive is kind of funny. But on the flip side, like I said, MS better have more than a handful themselves if they’re going to call the competition out on it like that.

Spider-Man is the only one that matters to me. It’s why I bought a PS5.

I’m wondering what’s wrong with me that I can’t enjoy Sony’s big AAA titles? The Last of Us was just amazing, one of my favorite games ever. But after that, I forced myself to slog through the Ratchet & Clank reboot and never enjoyed any of it, and God of War 3 Remastered, with the same result. Maybe that’s what killed my interest. I’ve had a really tough time trying to get into Dad of War and Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man. I keep thinking I just need to force myself to get through to a certain point and they’ll grab me. But maybe they won’t? What if it’s like Ratchet & Clank and GoW3R and I regret all the hours I spent there?

Still, a lot of people really love these games, so I probably just need to keep plowing somehow when I get a chunk of time. The other possibility is that I’m kind of over this whole genre of cinematic adventure maybe?

If that’s the case, maybe I should devote more time to the genres I really love. Like Space Sims, Racing games and ARPGs. Screw cinematic adventures.

Speaking of racing games, I noticed EA doesn’t have an announced conference this year. So maybe they’ll announce heavily in the Summer Games Fest show? I really hope they announce WRC 23 and we get to see it. Honestly, getting a new Diablo and a new DiRT Rally and Starfield in the same year might make 2023 my favorite gaming year ever.

Play Ghost of Tsushima.

I really enjoyed the Spider-Man game. Could have done with a liiiittle less open-world bloat, but I hear that got fixed in Miles Morales

I honestly felt the same way about the Sony 1st party titles, but Ghosts of Tsushima really worked for me. I think that Horizon felt too Ubisoft-y, Dad of War was good… but not game-y enough. More like a set of encounters that get in the way of the story progression. Every time I ended up in a room I was like… ok… where are the baddies gonna pop out of, to eat up 10 minutes of my time.

Tsushima is just fun to play, and the PS5 version looks sick as hell. Ghosts just pushed the right buttons for me.

If this is narrated by Matt Berry the whole way through like this - instabuy day one.