E3 Season started early in 2023?

Last year’s Day of the Dev, played host by folks from Double Fine, was worth watching too. I wonder if Double Fine folks will be back in that one tomorrow?

The fps Abyssus looks neat. Crazy that we don’t see many games in the fps genre anymore, so anything new always catches my eye.

Games worthy to investigate more.

Europa, pretty open world? puzzle game

Abyssus, Gunfire Reborn clone (fps roguelite with 4 player coop)

Remnant 2

HammerWatch 2


Leximan (typing game + Undertale?)

World of Horror


FPS roguelite are ‘in’: apart from Abyssus, we have Battle Shapers, DeadLink

Blood West

Jumplight Odyssey

Pizza Possum (for local coop!)


Some of the indie devs brazenness is a sight to behold. I laughed when the Papers Please! clone dev said that eventually you are asked to join a rebel group as part of the story. Wow, what a twist guys.

I caught a couple of things in between tasks at work. Remnant 2 definitely feels out of place as the only game that felt like a triple-A game in this bunch. That Corgi game that’s like a 3D mario platformer made me laugh, that could be a cool one to play with my son. Lake getting a sequel set during a snowy christmas season in the same town made me laugh. Brilliant.

The timing is so bad tomorrow. Why have a major showing on a weekday when most people will be at work? I guess maybe the show’s timing is there with Europe in mind, since people have gotten home from work over there?

You don’t have to watch it live.

True, but it’s more fun to watch it along with everyone else at Qt3 if possible. We’ll see how my workload is today around that time. If I can get most of my work done by then, I might put on some headphones and watch on my phone.

Well I for one am glad it’s not at 3AM as it so often is.

I guess with this time, Japan’s time zone gets a 4am start time, so every time zone gets a reasonable viewing hour. North America can watch it later after work, Europe can watch it live, and Japan can watch it while having an early breakfast.

I hope we get to see MachineGames’ Indy game. I wonder where that would fit. Microsoft, probably?

They got a pretty good handle on pulpy Nazi-beatdowns, but I found Indiana Jones games, the point&click adventures aside, lacking. Tbh I can only see it going the Uncharted route, which is itself cleary referencing Indiana Jones - would that be enough, though?

I mean, this was always the case with E3 presentations.

I used to take off E3 week from work as my “video games” week to play games and watch trailers/announcements.

Doesn’t need to be this way now, but this is the way it used to be done.

If they are to reveal it this month, chances are it’s either at the Microsoft event - or today at the Summer Game Fest main event (Geoff Keighley, after all) followed by a somewhat extended presence at Microsoft’s show.

Yeah I’ll put the Keighleys Summer Edition on in the background later for sure

I think MachineGames is part of Bethesda, so maybe MS would want to show it off on their thing either way

This article lists a bunch of groups that will be at the Summer Game Fest - interestingly, it lists Xbox but not Bethesda, which are still two separate publishing orgs at MS presently. So, if Machine Games’s Indy game is going to be shown, it may not be until Sunday.

Uh oh. Digital Extremes is listed. That means we got another incomprehensible section on Warframe that only means something to players of Warframe and is Greek to the rest of us.

Kassandra: Malaka!

Gangs of Sherwood released 17 minutes of boring (to me) footage of a co-op shooter. I skipped through it, it looks like you fight and then at the 6 and a half minute mark they show you traversing through a forest which looked interesting. I guess you go from arena battle to arena battle, but they might make the interconnecting areas look interesting.

Man, I dislike huds with big scores/combos. They are so busy: