E3: Summed Up

Sometimes Tycho and Gabe really say it all.

Nintendo is so spot on.

They just needed him to say “Bling bling, motherfuckers,” somewhere in there.

The MS one needs more awkward pauses for applause that never materializes.

Eh. I didn’t think Sony was that bad. Still one of the better recent PA strips, though. The Reggie panel is great.

Publishers always announce a game about a year in advance to leave time for hype and interest to grow. Thats so not fun! Just once I’d like someone like Nintendo to say “Hello. We have been working on Punch Out! for the Wii, and it will be released two weeks from today.” Think of the madness!

It worked so well for the Saturn.

not a big PA fan…but this strip great.

That’s an apples to oranges comparison if I’ve ever seen one.

There we go. I’ve removed the sarcasm from your post.

And yes, it works pretty awesome for Apple! Way to go, Adam Biessener!

Sorry, I’ll try not to snark. It’s unbecoming conduct around here.

Believe you me, I’d love to be surprised at E3. I’m spending a week of my time in the [lovely wonderful place that totally doesn’t make me want to die] of LA for this shit, and I’d really prefer to have those “fuck yeah!” moments that make it all worthwhile.

The Nintendo panel is definitely the most accurate. I thought Sony’s presser was better than they’re making it seem, but I don’t agree with Shane Bettenhausen that Sony’s presser was as good or better than Microsoft’s. I think Microsoft ran away with it this year. Of course I think the new Dash and even the avatars are pretty interesting and that the Netflix partnership is inspired. That’s of course in addition to all the AAA titles MS showed off, including RE5, Gears 2, and Fable 2.

I think the Sony one is pretty dead on. I commented to my brother mid conference with a very similar line of thinking as that panel.

Not having seen the press conference itself, I did not know this was shown. Any worthwhile video/info on it? I’m looking forward to Fable 2 more than probably anyone else at this point.

I watched a LiveBlog of the presser, but haven’t watched it yet. According to the LiveBlog I watched, Fable 2 was shown and played and online co-op was announced. The Fable 2 gameplay I saw was on Day 1 of the E3 '08 coverage on G4tv. Two guys from Lionhead demoed the game, playing together in co-op. It looked great, especially the various magic spells the one guy was using. I certainly can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

Yep. This was from the MS press conference:


I find the whole seamless co-op mechanic very intriguing. There’s also this demo, which shows off some combat:


I had to look at the name of the image to understand the joke.

Really? The guy opened saying that this ages him a couple of years, and he’s really tired, but at least he’s not dead like Jack Palance.

Then he introduces Sony’s various shades of porcine lipstick: the ridiculous 10 year strategy; people who want Blu-Ray players also wanting to play games; 180 million “downloads” over their network (of course no comparison to Microsoft getting over 5 times as many dollars from theirs); the supposed tech advantage and a half-hearted assurance that it will eventually move units. There was even a veiled reference to the exclusive GTA IV downloadable content being not as important as exclusive dickaround PSN games, and then an explicit reference to GT5 Prologue as a full game.

He never gave the impression that he really had something-- it was basically a timeshare pitch from a beaten man who at times seemed to not quite know what he was talking about.

Sony still loves my PS2!

Best news of E3 so far. :)

Yeah, but they showed Resistance 2, which looks awesome. Also, the PSN video store seems pretty great, especially the functionality between the PS3 and PSP. I agree that the dearth of announcements regarding PS3 titles was a little disappointing, but I don’t think the presser was essentially Sony begging for another year to catch up either. I might be giving Sony the benefit of the doubt because I’m pretty pumped for some of their upcoming games, including Resistance 2, inFamous, and Killzone 2. I also thought their PSN titles were pretty good looking. Like I said before, I think MS was clearly the “winner” with regard to pressers, but I thought Sony’s stuff was fine.