E3 / Summer Game Fest - 2024 edition

Let’s be less lazy and create a new thread for this year, instead of reusing the 2023 one.

In fact let me put here a pair of videos we posted there

Sony State of Play:

-I thought it was funny having a several minutes CG intro for your starting trailer… and end up being an Overwatch clone with some GotG vibes. The shooting part of your shooter didn’t look particularly good, btw.
-God of War Ragnarok PC version isn’t precisely a surprise, but still I welcome it. Sept 19th. That’s a bit of less than 2 years of exclusive period for the console, btw.
-I guess my nieces would like the Infinity Nikki game?
-Ballad of Antara looks a decent Soulslike?
-Behemoth looks good. You need the context of all the player is doing is being done really by the player, in VR.
-The alien game is the other Vr title, this one shows way less, but playing an Alien game in VR is always promising, if it’s finally good.
-Where winds meet seems a nice action game.
-Silent Hill 2 remake, here it’s a longer video

The Astrobot game looks cool, although I cringe with the whole playstation references everywhere

I thought Where Winds Meet was a new China game but it was actually announced 2 years ago, so maybe it will come out in less than 5 years from now.

One of my kids loves the Astro game so that will be fun.

Astrobot was the only thing that interested me. That was pretty great though.

Oh, and the proper Summer Game Fest will be in a week

Xbox two days later

Just caught up on the Sony State of Play.

Hoo boy was that sparse. We got 2 Overwatch-a-likes. I am sure they will do stellar, Overwatch is still doing well right? Concord was about one Thin Lizzy song away from copyright infringement on Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Marvel Rivals game just looks like a money sink. Nobody is going to play that game, unless it somehow fundamentally offers a better experience than the multiple hero action shooters already on a crowded market. The Marvel IP has clearly shown it is not strong without likeness and voice rights of the movie cast.

Concord really bothered me a lot. Like, that cinematic trailer, while obviously a Wish dot com version of GotG, looked like what would be a fun game. Group heists, battling guys to the extract point… But this is going to be a PVP game, where the witty banter amongst foes will revolve around a 14 year old asthmatically wheezing into the mic that you picked the wrong hero.

Speaking of Wish dot com, we had not only 1, not 2, but 3 Chinese games on display. Not knocking the Chinese game development scene, but to have 3 games from studios working on their first console game (Tipsworks made a mobile souls-like). Papergames (Infinity Nikki) has only made mobile games from the same IP, and Everstone games is a new studio under the Netease umbrella, is a bit concerning. These were old school E3 convention “Kentia hall” level games getting a big spotlight due to the relative lack of titles from Sony, and other publishers obviously choosing to hold onto their games for their own events.

God of War Ragnarok PC is good news for non PS5 owners, as it is one of the best game series going right now. Hopefully Sony can take the hint from the sales that they need to push up PC releases to earlier than 2 years post release.

Astrobot looked incredible. Astrobot’s playroom was one of the reasons I bought a PS5 (Along with the Ghosts of Tsushima PS5 upgrade) and this game looks absolutely delightful. Astrobot’s playroom was a Nintendo caliber platformer, and I am very excited to get to play this one.

Until Dawn remake… I guess it has been a while? I dunno if that is a game I would replay.

Silent Hill 2 looks like it could be really great. Boy does it look good.

Monster Hunter Wilds looks awesome. Where my Greatsword mains at? The absolutely nuts character design in these games continues to delight and shock me. We got e-girls, catboy companions and generic broody male companions. But… 2025. Sadface.

Overall, as Sony reported on its investor call, this looks to be an incredibly sparse fall for game releases. I don’t expect Microsoft to have much other than CoD Blops 6, hopefully the new Gears of War game reveal will be more than a CG trailer.

I don’t think Sony is going to take the hint.

I heard good things about it, and it has a much better look, art wise, than the other clone. I think people will like it.

and about the Silent Hill game, that’s a entire series I barely tried, I think I only played one game, and only a part of it. So I’m interesting in this remake.

I’m not sure the writers at PC Gamer are who Sony means.

Watching the Stare of Play now. Starting with a Guardians of the Galaxy type game seems so cool to me with Concord, I don’t get all the negativity about it in this thread.

:Looks at gameplay and that it’s 5v5 multiplayer only:

Oh I see. Yeah, I don’t get it. Wow, I have no interest in it now.

Nothing else on State of Play looked appealing to me personally, except Astro Bot at the end. But then, I’ve been fooled before by Sony when I got LittleBigPlanet 1 and 3. This looks different though, definitely more Mario looking in terms of quality and creativity and basic gameplay excellence.

Have you played the pack in Astrobot game? It is awesome. If they are making a game with more of that, I am sold.

Also, would totally play Concord if it wasn’t yet another 5v5 pvp hero shooter.

Wow, least exciting announcements for Sony ever. I care about almost none of those. Maybe I’m getting too old to play games anymore.

I thought Concord was going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy themed single player game and was massively let down when it turned out to be a team shooter!

Sony said their strategy was to get making GaaS games, so expect more games like Concord

It really is impossible to overstate how fresh Astro Bot looked in the context of that show. The rest of it was… woof… but Astro looks so good.

I feel like that little robot is really carrying the flag for whatever is left of Sony’s PS1-PS3 era offbeat creativity or playfulness. Playroom remains my favourite game on the system.

schedule with all the conferences, I will put it on the OP

Prepare for disappointment.

Thank god. Give us a breather game companies! Just show lots of footage for GaaS games and let my backlog shine.

It’s not a good sign when even Geoff Keighley wants you to temper expectations!