E3 / Summer Game Fest - 2024 edition

the first Act of a dramatic adventure story. There are six levels, two bosses, several primary & secondary weapons and upgrades/medallions.”

Our current plan is to double the amount of content from Early Access release to 1.0 release

Yep, no timeline though.

0117 adds up to 9, yeah!

117? So, stealth Halo crossover?

Next game, Anno 1701 BC, Babylon!

This has to be Shadows.

Gah, stream quality is rough for this. Will have to watch it again when it’s properly enocded.

Is there no bird in this one?

This is really impressive. Both for the walking death machine tank character and the stealthy stalking character. This looks really good all around.

OK, a year subscription, only pay for 8 months, that’s persuasive. There are a bunch of games I’d like to play and this way I don’t have to buy them? Might have to do that.

I called it back in 2016. I gave them the idea!

A 10 minute video of Phantom Blade, it shows that it isn’t really a Soulslike game

Also, I had forgotten about this game announced in 2021.

There’s a demo of it on Steam, btw.

It appears to be a hybrid like Wo Long or Rise of the Ronin. It could be interesting. It’s a China studio so they’ll need to show they can actually release the game.

Even though I’m pretty much done with UBI open world design, I still want that Star Wars game to be good


This year’s Devolver showcase is a little too depressing for me. Focusing on a guy who is a fan of Devolver games who has no friends, no job, and just obsesses over games all day by himself is just a weird framing device to introduce their games this year.

Tenjensu looks neat though. And Cult of the Lamb and Talos Principle games look great, I need to check them out sometime.

That’s been Devolver’s schtick for the past few years.

Yes, but it usually makes me laugh instead of making me depressed.

Were there any interesting looking games from the Devolver presentation? I forgot about it.

Clash of heroes?
Made by Capy!
Online only…
PvP :sob:

More on Phantom Blade Zero:


  • Trying hard not to be a Soulslike
  • Not PlayStation exclusive, will be released on PC
  • Game is not stable enough for an online demo, maybe later

Sounds good to me. I’m intrigued, but still cautious about a release date due to the Chinese developer.