E3 Threadcasts?

So are folks going to be threadcasting the conferences this year? Not sure if I’ll be able to watch the Nintendo or Sony ones live due to the time of day they are happening, be a little tough to have them going at work, but I could definately read the forums, so I say we need that threadcast going. Are the Gallant’s up to running it again?

http://e3.gamespot.com, all conferences webcast live there!

You can also see the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony press conferences live on G4.

But the threadcasts are more fun!

Right, the point was we discussed the conference in the thread as it happened. Also due to the time of day I (and I would think others) likely wont be able to watch it live, but will be able to read the thread. It’s a lot easier to browse a forum at work than to watch a video if you know what I mean. Plus the Gallant’s commentary last year was fairly amusing.


Yeah, you’re right.

No, only Angie’s commentary was amusing.


Matt’s asked that we call him “The Gallant” from now on.


Threadcasting FTW. Come on you obsessive-compulsive journalist wonks, get on the stick and do your wrist extension exercises and lubricate your keyboards. WE DEMAND BLOW-BY-BLOW SNARKERY.