EA Access: The Vault, early demos and discounts


Need for Speed and Unravel are available in the Vault today as mentioned above.

Yaaaay for Unravel!


I’ve been playing the hell out of a game called SSX on my XB1 lately. It’s a snowboarding game on the 360 that was added to backward compatibility and EA Access sometime this year.

I’ve never heard of the game before, and never had any inclination to ever play any sort of Snowboarding game, but it turns out this is one of those games I’ve needed in my life for a long time but never realized until it had already fallen into my lap. What a fun damn game.

I think one of the things I like best about this game is that it’s the closest thing to a casual kart racing experience I’ve got on the Xbox 1 (actually, closer to one of my favorite Wii games, Excite Truck), in that it isn’t some hardcore realistic racing simulation that bores me to fucking tears. I love pulling off tricks, I love the huge variety of paths I can take down the mountains, and the music is great. At this point I don’t even know if they have a modern SSX game for modern consoles, but I’m gonna have to find out when I start finishing up with this one.

The only downside to EA Access, for me, has been that I’ve already purchased a lot of the games they keep adding to it; so by the time something is added to the vault, I’ve already bought and played many of them (Titanfall, PvZ: Garden Warfare, Dead Space etc). But except for that, the service is a hell of a deal and it continues to deliver. Plus I’m hyped that it introduced me to this awesome game, since this is probably the only sports game (besides Rocket League) I seem to enjoy.


I have about as much interest in snowboarding games as I do a bikini wax but SSX was pretty great for it’s time.

I hate monthly fees + I already own everything listed that I am remotely interested in. The rest you couldn’t pay me to play.


Paying monthly for EA Access is a terrible deal given that it’s literally half the cost to sign up for a year: $29.99/year vs. $4.99/month.

If you buy a few EA games a year and occasional DLC, the discount on every EA game/DLC effectively pays for most of the cost of the subscription anyway, at the yearly cost.


The yearly fee is a great deal, especially for someone like me who enjoys sports games but doesn’t feel the need to buy the latest one every year. I basically never buy them any more, but I get to play Madden, FIFA and NHL (they came back) for less than the price of buying one of them every year. All the other games are just gravy.



Star Wars Battlefront
Popcap stuff

No date, but presumably in time for Thanksgiving at least.


November 9th - Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst



Nice! My patience pays off.


Yay for more people playing Titanfall 2!


Another game added to vault.


I already owned Andromeda since before launch, but what’s interesting is that the EA Access version is now the deluxe version of the game. Does that have any extra stuff actually worth downloading?

Also, I got an Xbox Live notification yesterday from EA Access saying they added Dead Space 3 to the Vault. Yay!

Now I can play through Dead Space 2 and 3 and finish the trilogy.


My EA Access games backlog: (AKA, the games I have to finish before the end of March, when my membership runs out):

Dead Space 2
Dead Space 3
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Battlefield 1 - 2/5 campaigns left
Titanfall 2 - 65% campaign left

It seems doable except for Dragon Age maybe. Maybe I can push Inquisition into the next time I get an EA Access membership, instead of trying to do it before April 2018.


I thought they might add Alice after it became BC, but they never did, maybe there’s some licensing issues.

I caved and bought it on sale.


I think you’d enjoy it more if you started right now and only played a bit at a time. Inquisition wasn’t fun to rush through. Garden Warfare 2 is worth starting early too. There’s ingame sticker packs & new characters unlocked to try every week while making a dent in the campaign.


And Dead Space 3 has co-op in the campaign. You can hit me up if you want to give it a go.


I heard they added Criterion’s first person shooter from the original Xbox, Black to EA Access. I’ll have to check it out to see if it still holds up. I remember watching my roommate play that back in the day. A crazy roommate who was a Halo fanatic, and looked like he wanted to beat me up one time when I said I didn’t like Resident Evil 4.


EA is adding some Warner Bros. games to the Access service along with other third-party games.


Just so I’m clear here, because the naming confuses me a little - we’re talking about Origin Access, the PC subscription service only, and not EA Access on Xbox One right?