EA Bribing Reviewers?


What’s the consensus of opinion here about this story? Is EA bribing reviewers to write poor reviews of its competitor’s products or is this just rival game sites being bitchy about one another?

I’m sure between eating babies and killing puppies EA fits in a little bribery.

Does not surprise me one bit.

If I was going to bribe one site to influence game buyers, I would go right to GamePro Australia - pretty much the gold standard of reviews…

Seriously, has anyone here made a single purchase without first checking to see what Gamepro Australia has said?

Probably not, but according to the article it was one of the earliest reviews added to GameRankings, which lots of people use to blindly form opinions on aggregates.

Well that and the article is just filled with proof - oh, wait it isn’t, they don’t even believe their own bs.

It’s funny, the only “huge buzz” I can manage to Google up about EA bribery is on gwn.com. Sounds bogus. Digg -1.

The best part is the completely shameless plug for their own review at the end of the article.

Has this been posted elsewhere? Why aren’t there any real quotes?

Dude it has been posted EVERYWHERE!!! Didn’t you read the article? There is " huge buzz " about this!

Ah yes, we’ve been overdue for a playola article for about, oh, three months now.

  • Alan

It was most likely a review written by a moron that the editors didn’t bother to check on. If EA really wanted to sabotage SupCom they would have paid shills to post in forums about how there isn’t any unload button on transports.

Where’s critical bill when you need him.

“Playola.” Pretty clever!

But yeah, this is bullshit rumor mongering.

Err yes, and that bad NWN2 review a while back was obviously paid for by those goes at Bethesda trying to sabotage us! Its so clear now!

Aren’t these the same guys that gave Vanguard a 2.0 because the reviewer couldn’t get the game installed, and his edior made him write a review anyway. I think it lasted all of a day before it got pulled.

I mean GWN gave Vanguard the review, not GamePro.

Hilariously, the guy who wrote the article got fired by EA. Someone quotes his resume para in the comments:

The developer would appear to be EA.

Update: We’re happy to report that the person who started the bribe rumor on the Gamespot forums has now claimed it was a lie, so we’ve removed mention of the rumor from this story. Their rumor post has also now been removed at Gamespot, and mention of it on the Gas Powered Games forum has also gone.

I think this is as funny as hell.

I see that in addition to removing the rumors and references to bribery last night, they also removed one of the early comments to the effect of: “Have you contacted your lawyers about this story? It may be libelous.”

Somebody’s not using the 7-9 scale! I call shenanigans!