EA can bite my ass. And no BF2

Got this in my personal inbox this morning. This is not the inbox I use for my .NET account, but the one attached to my credit card that I had to give XBox Live. Note I op-ted out of allowing Microsoft partners to contact me:


Thanks for playing on Xbox Live. The EA and Xbox Live partnership gives
you an even deeper and richer experience on the ea.com website,
including access to your personal stats, rankings and more.

Just link your Gamertag to an EA Account to get the most out of your
online experience by clicking here

Hmmm. So what the hell? How did they get my email address?
Then I remembered that I played The BF2: Modern Combat demo last night.
There is no unsubscribe feature or link on the email, either. No opt out.

Real nice Microsoft. Real nice EA.

I won’t be buying BF2, I see. Fuckers.

… If you cant trust Microsoft / EA to keep respect your details … who can you trust?

This probably goes back to MS’s deal to get EA in on Xbox Live. I’d be surprised if EA could have been satisfied with mere “partner” status. So they’re inside the ring, and thus get your email address, and no opting out for you.

You must really hate spam.

I hate that kind of crap. It happens all the time. Whenver I have to sign up for something (because I have to, like to get an EA.com account to play BFME2 online) I carefully make sure that I opt out of newsletters and all that spam. Yet again and again, I get the shit anyway. I wish there was something you could do about it.

I blame this demo for destroying my 360.

Everything was smooth and wonderful until the moment I tried this out, suddenly my system fan wouldn’t start-up, the console freezes after ten seconds, and now I merely have the red lights o’ death and a coffin box shipping out from Microsoft to replace my $400 doorstop. Some other posters on GAF had the same thing happen to them with this demo.

Oh, and the e-mail spam is lame too.

The problem is, I wouldn’t have minded at all if it went to the account I used to sign up with XBox Live and the .NET framework. I assume that’s going to be spammed, so I have a throwaway account for just such purposes. The problem is, they spammed the email tied to my credit card. I don’t use that email for anything other than things tied to my credit card. No newsletters, no chat, no forums, nothing. Just when you go to the billing info part of a credit card purchase (not the shipping or customer account, but the credit card) and they ask for a contact for the credit card.

It’s my “financial” email address. And they spammed it. I guess it’s expected in the internet economy, but it feels like an invasion of my privacy just the same.

Ah, well. Stupid EA.

there was a news story yesterday how not only does ea spam you, but you can’t play online unless you give up your email address.

OK, but do we have any first hand confirmation that this is true? Like many things I read on the internet, I tend not to believe them right off.

You have to pay them $2 or they spam you.

I wonder how many ads they crammed into BF2?

this is referring to the psp version of fight night. at least post the whole story guy.

I believe everything I read on QT3.

ElGuapo has over 500 posts here. By forum calulations, he is therefore accurate over 50% of the time. Of course, if you have over 1000 posts, you are 100% accurate, wheras, I am around 4% accurate.

I’ll shut up now…

Thats not an option, really.

For example, you can’t play MoH: Pacific Assault (or whatever its name is) for the PC online unless you first register with EA. That necessarily involves giving them an email address. You can play the European MoH PC games online w/o giving up info.

Similarly, I couldn’t play SSX3 online without registering w/ EA. Once I did, I realized nobody was playing online.