EA Canada/Vancouver

A friend of mine in Vancouver is being head-hunted by EA Canada for a software engineer position and, based on some conversations he and I have had in the past, he put my name forward as someone else who may be interested in a software development role at EA in Vancouver. Anyone here have any experience (direct or indirect) with EA Canada as an employer?

You have read the EA Spouse story, right?

I’m not sure how much (if anything) has changed since then, though.

To be fair, easpouse was about EALA. I have several friends who used to work there, and they have told me many horror stories about it. I have heard that EARS can be just as bad, but it totally depends which team you are on.

I have one friend at EAC who is very happy indeed, but again I think your happiness level will depend which team you are on and how well-run it is. Sorry that’s not terribly specific or helpful but I just wanted to let you know that EAC is not as bad as the easpouse situation.

Edit: Apparently nothing much has changed at EALA since easpouse, except that they finished their projects, laid off some people, and look to be heading down the same disorganised path again. Eccept this time they are re-classifying lots of employees as hourly, so they will get overtime pay, but no bonuses or royalties.

I’d like to concur, that it probably totally depends on your project manager. Some people are happy, many miserable - and those that are upset are thety way because their management is a bunch of self-absorbed jerks.

So, you might want to get interviews with EXACTLY who you’d be working with/for. Get a tour. This will be a great indicator.
If someone slips you a “Help Me” note, run away as fast you can :lol:

This is related to your question, but not actually useful in any way: My cousin Daniel worked at EA Canada for a while, but I’m told third-hand that he no longer works there.

Yeah, he’s at Bioware now, that bastard…

You’d really have better luck asking this question on http://www.thechaosengine.com.