EA Cancels NBA Live 07 for PS3

From IGN: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/744/744911p1.html

No enhanced fabric rendering or procedural awareness for you. I think EA did the math and realized the installed base during the sales window wouldn’t justify the release. Will we see other launch window titles abandoned?

There are rumors that both Oblivion and FEAR have been pushed out of the launch window.

It makes a lot of sense for them to do that, particularly for the games mentioned. They’re XB360 Ports (or at least same game for diff system). Given the low availability of PS3’s in the launch window, the kind of people who are going to buy it are the hardcore people who go nuts for the nextgen consoles. This means that a good chunk of these people - who are already kind of few - will already have a 360, and may already have the game. Better to wait until the PS3 has spread into a larger demographic.

It doesn’t help that NBA Live was universally reviled for it’s glitches and overall crappiness.

When we had Todd Hines from Bethesda on the NG podcast he did confirm that the launch window sales cap is a “huge concern” for them, and that they have had several conversations about shelving the launch until more systems are out there. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

I’m pretty sure Sonic has been delayed as well.

Yeah I heard that. Should have asked them if that’s why Oblivion for the 360 was delayed until March this year.

Seems unlikely since that would have meant holding the PC version as well, but yeah worth asking.

IIRC, Oblivion was officially delayed about a month or so before 360’s launch so I’m guessing the answer is they genuinely weren’t ready. I just wonder whether, even if they had been ready, they would have considered bailing once November hit and it became pretty clear that MS wouldn’t have nearly as much product as expected.

Eh. They’re doing the PS3 community a favor.

I’d rather they waited till the system was out for a bit and could design NBA 08 solely for for the PS3. The first Madden game for the 360 was very underwhelming.

Oh, come on Jake. You are missing a priceless opportunity to troll K0NY here.

Seems to me that it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference as long as the supply increases at a reasonable pace. Isn’t Call of Duty 2 the best selling 360 game? Launch title.

What I wouldn’t do if I were publishing on PS3 is spend any money at all on promotion of the game on that platform. I’d push like hell on 360/PS2 and maybe Wii, but I wouldn’t pay real money to advertise specifically for the PS3 game. You’re just throwing away dough there. People will find your game on PS3 if they want it and advertising isn’t going to give you any kind of real return on that investment.

Surprising since there were only two products on display at digital life a few weeks back, this one (which was MEH admitedly, especially to me since I dont give a damn about bball) and resistance, which rocked the socks.

It looked pretty complete at that point.


Domed! PS3 is domed!