EA compilation CD for $8.95

A cheap, no frills (or documentation) collection of some classic games from the DOS era. They may not all be classics, but there are quite a few good ones:

Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat
Space Hulk
Populous II
Shadow Caster
Seven Cities of Gold
The Savage Empire
Ultima VII The Black Gate
Ultima Underworld
Wing Commander Academy
Hong Kong Mahjong Pro

At http://www.cdaccess.com/html/quick/eacomppj.htm

Hmm… Some of those games have documentation-lookup copy protection.

That CD definitely doesn’t look legit…

Well, the Gaming Obsession Throughout Computer History Association (GOTCHA) (!) has it listed on their EA releases page, so I think it is for real.

Do they include any XP apps to emulate DOS sound cards and VESA modes? I don’t even have a DOS boot disk anymore.

I strongly doubt it. They’re not going to spend any money on these crusty old games.

You can use Exult to run the Ultima games in XP.

I actually have this CD, and it’s pretty nice. The documentation is on the CD, so no worries about copy protection. The games I’ve tried (Chuck Yeager, Seven Cities) worked fine on WinXP. Overall, it’s a worthwhile CD for a bunch of classic games.

I’ve found VDMS to be extremely reliable at emulating sound cards on older games, and very ease to use (it integrates with Explorer so you just right click and choose “run with VDMS”):

Hehe. Talking about the copy protection reminds me of Interplay’s Forgotten Realms collection. It’s been awhile, so the details are fuzzy, but there were distinct problems in that area. Most of the games had look-up copy protection and they included the manuals on the discs, but the page numbers didn’t match or something. I never did get some of those games to run :)

(I can smile about it 'cause it was cheap!)

I remember when I worked at a company that ‘cracked’ the old Wizardry games for Interplay so they could ship the Wizardry Compendium. Burger just loved hacking into the interpreted p-code to get around the manual protection. Fun stuff.

[size=2]<cough>Windows 98</cough>[/size]

Isn’t this the part where I make my “it’s a trap!” post?

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